5 Changes Women See in Breasts During Pregnancy

5 Changes Women See in Breasts During Pregnancy

Right from the moment you get pregnant, you start experiencing changes in your body. One of the signs a women see during pregnancy is the change in their breasts. This is the preparation for the milk supply of the baby awaited. These changes will occur in every trimester.

Sore Breasts

In the initial period of the first trimester, the breasts start to feel swollen or sore. It can also mean that a woman is awaiting her period so most often it might be overlooked. You will either feel slight tenderness on the breasts or severe pain when you wear a bra, both conditions are normal. 

This is one of the reasons why it is not recommended to have sex in the first trimester. Although it is completely safe to have sex, women tend to avoid due to the inconvenience of the nipples being touched.

Change in Nipples

As the pregnancy progresses and your breasts prepare for breastfeeding, the nipples and areolas become darker or you would also notice a whitish pimple or goosebump in that area. These are known as Montgomery tubercles and serves as a protective cover against bacteria.

Bigger Breasts

In the last days of the first trimester or sometimes in the beginning of the second trimester, one would notice that their breasts have enlarged. This change is again due to the tissue inside preparing the breasts for nursing. 

Some woman will experience slow growth while some other might notice rapid growth that could make them feel itchiness. You will have to buy a new set of bras to support these larger breasts.

Veins and Stretch Marks on Breasts

As your breast grows, you will clearly notice veins on them. This is due to increased blood flow and by the end of pregnancy, you will have 50 percent of more blood to meet the needs of the baby. Some women may also notice stretch marks on their breasts. This becomes fade after childbirth.


As a woman steps in the 16th week of her pregnancy, she may start producing produce milk and occasionally a pale yellow colored fluid will leak from the breasts known as colostrum. 

It’s the first milk your body produces and is full of antibodies required for your baby’s immune system. This is produced until the milk comes after the birth.

What can a woman do to feel better?

Some woman may or may not experience any changes, so it’s not a reason for panic. Just have a word with the doctor. For those who feel changes in breasts may try these things.

  • For tender or sore breasts, wear a cotton made bra during daytime and sleep bra during the night, they are more comfortable. Padded shoulder straps can also help.
  • Do not wash the area around the nipples with soap as it could dry out skin. Use warm water only.
  • For itchy skin, avoid hot showers and baths. Apply some moisturizer immediately after a bath and avoid using soap or skin products.
  • In case of colostrum leak, use washable breast pads to soak leaks.

Change in breasts during pregnancy is normal. You just need to cope with these mild changes, nothing else. In case you notice milk leaking with bloodstained, seek medical advice without delay.