5 Health Risks Associated With High Blood Pressure

5 Health Risks Associated With High Blood Pressure

Are you the one with hypertensive lifestyle? It’s time to change your way of life else you are prone to several kinds of potentially harmful complications and one of them is high blood pressure. 

About 1.13 billion people in the world are in the grip of high blood pressure and out of that, 200 millions are in India alone.

So these staggering numbers are enough to tell that this is a severe illness that leads to several other potentially dangerous consequences affecting your life-term. Here we mention some severe complications related to high blood pressure.

1. Heart Attack

Blood flows through the coronary arteries which are responsible for supplying oxygen and nutrients to heart muscles. When this flow is interrupted, it causes heart attack. High blood pressure increases the chances of heart attack and also alarms the person of the probability of a severe one, if occurs. 

This is because high blood pressure makes normal working of heart difficult as well as contributes to the development of blockages which eventually interrupt blood flow.

2. Stroke

Stroke is also related to interruption of blood flow but it occurs in the brain, not in heart. When your brain doesn’t get sufficient amount of blood, the areas that are dependent on blood gets damaged. On similar lines, sometimes stroke occurs when a blood vessel gets clogged and can’t flow due to blockage. 

In some other severe conditions, small blood vessel ruptures and flow is halted due to blood leaks. A person suffering from high blood pressure are likely to face both these situations.

3. Kidney Damage

The bean-shaped organs are the most important blood pressure regulators. At the same time, kidneys are also sensitive to high blood pressure. The filtration nerves in the kidney can get damaged due to an increased level of blood pressure. 

The situation becomes worse as kidney plays a role in regulating high blood pressure, if the kidneys are damaged, it could lead to even higher blood pressure. So it’s a kind of self-reinforcing cycle. Kidney damage is one of the severest long-term complications of high blood pressure.

4. Coronary Artery Disease

People often get confused between a heart attack and coronary artery disease but it’s different. Coronary artery disease is a formation of waxy substance called plagues build inside the arteries that act as a blockage. The plague is a combination of fat, cholesterol and a kind of cell called macrophage. 

Some studies have found that increased blood pressure actually contributes to destruction and inflammation of blood vessel walls. This, in turn, attracts macrophages that provides a room for stickiness where fats and cholesterol get glued, contributing to the build-up of blockages. This eventually becomes a major cause of heart attack.

5. Loss of Vision

Untreated high blood pressure can affect your eyesight. High blood pressure put strain on blood vessels in the retina. It can also build-up fluid under retina resulting in distorted vision or in some cases, impairment of vision. The obstructed blood can also damage optic nerve causing temporary or permanent vision loss.

What should be the Ideal Blood Pressure?

Human being should have blood pressure below 120 over 80. If you notice a change in these readings, you need to consult a specialist immediately.

Is it possible to prevent high blood pressure?

Change in lifestyle such as balanced low-fat diet, no-smoking, and activeness in day to day living can actually prevent or control the high blood pressure.


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