Our Citizen's Charter

Changing lives of the people requires the smartest, likeminded and enthusiastic individuals with deep problem solving skills. And this starts at HealthReflect.

We want to transform the way healthcare system is being perceived today. For what we all are working today? Savings two things; time and money. This is exactly the motto of HealthReflect. We believe in engaging patients with the medical professionals for the best clinical outcomes with shortest turnaround time.

HealthReflect is a new model of patient-centric health platform on big data, worldwide partnerships, and leading-edge technology. We are backed by eminent scientists, team of scientific advisors with rich nexus of licensed medical & health professionals including general practitioner, cardiologist, gynaecologist, urologists, nephrologists, psychologists, nutritionists, dieticians, paediatricians and a number of other authorities, who have earned expertise in their respective fields. 

Not only the smart & user friendly interface, but our highly curated scientific writings & pro-tips and health insighter videos made by professionals with immense expertise coming from all walks of medical sciences are meant for educating you about your well-being. We cover a range of topics from everyday living to the most innate subjects in the medical sciences.

HealthReflect’s mission is to empower consumers and healthcare professionals with state-of-the-art tools, accurate, authentic, timely and customized health information to help them better manage their health and provide better cure to patients.

Together we create a platform where millions of patients and thousands of medical professionals interact with each other for better healthcare experience.

Robinder Gauba

Founder, Chief Data & AI Scientist