Addicted To Sugary Foods? These 5 Tricks Can Break Your Habit

Addicted To Sugary Foods? These 5 Tricks Can Break Your Habit

Sugar is one of the most commonly recognized unhealthy food. The craving for the sweet tooth is pretty hard to break. According to WHO, an adult with normal body mass index should have 25 grams or 6 teaspoons of sugar a day. This translates to 5 percent of the total daily calories.

While over-consumption of sugar has many downsides, there are many benefits if we cut the amount of this white stuff from our diet. From weight loss to chronic conditions such as diabetes, cutting those added calories in the form of sugar can also help maintain a decent level of white blood cells, boosting your immune system.

Sugar has addictive potentials and it’s pretty tough to come over the cravings that are driven by the brain. But knowing there are no benefits in having sugar, we can modify our diet style and steadily give up this addiction. Here are 5 ways we can beat our sugar habit.

Eat Frequent Meals

In order to keep your blood sugar stable and within the safe range, you should eat well-balanced meals frequently throughout the day. This is not only a quick fix to your sugar yearning, but will also keep your hunger pangs under control. The healthy balanced meals should be a blend of protein and fibre that would help you manage self-control. 

Sleep well

Getting proper and refreshing sleep is not only vital for your overall health but it also impacts the hormones that trigger your cravings. This hormone is called as ghrelin or in simple terms, the ‘hunger hormone’. When we are not getting enough sleep, our body produces more of these hunger hormones that cause us to eat more calories.

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This was revealed in a research in which men who were deprived of sleep were found to have increased level of ghrelin hormones, resulting in more calories intake (about 350 calories) most of which came from sweet foods. In another study, people with sleep deprivation were inclined towards drinking more caffeinated sugary beverages. So get enough sleep to counter your sugar cravings.

Go Natural

Going for natural healthy alternatives to sugar may help counter your sugar cravings. These include apples, sweet potatoes, grapes, dates and carrots. These foods contain fibre and this lets our body absorb the sugar content more sluggishly, hence preventing you from the vicious cycle of high sugar craving.

So next time you hanker after sugary foods, grab some piece of fruit that would also give you healthy dose of vitamin, fibre and minerals.

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Get bitter

Sweetness is opposite to bitterness, that’s a pretty simple science. Eating foods that are bitter in taste can counter your desire for sweet foods. You can add citrus fruits such as grapefruit, lemons and oranges to your diet. In vegetables, you can have cauliflower, bitter melon (karela) broccoli and radishes.

One trick you can do is to eat bitter foods before consuming sweet foods. This would make your tongue interpret the sweet foods into sweeter, resulting in satisfaction of your sweet tooth. This would steadily adjust your taste buds for sweet foods.

Add bacteria to your food

Our gut has microorganisms that play an important role in terms of food craving. If we can alter the composition of these bacterias, it can affect our sugary food preferences right to some extent. The most effective way to do this is to eat a lot of fermented foods containing probiotics, the good bacteria of the intestinal tract.

These foods include yoghurt, cheese, dosas and idlis, and buttermilk that would create a decent breeding environment of good bacteria.

Don’t give up your craving completely, follow a balanced approach. In fact, giving up your craving entirely will trigger the addiction. Just try out these five tips and within a couple of weeks, you will see a drastic change in your sweet craving.