Age Related Breast Changes - Check How Your Breast Feel Like In Your 20s 30s And 40s

Age Related Breast Changes - Check How Your Breast Feel Like In Your 20s 30s And 40s

Breast is an amazing organ of a woman. It is perhaps the only organ which you are not born with and goes on changing throughout the life. As you age, the dynamic duo will keep shifting its shape and size right from initial growth spurt during the puberty, full blown breast in 20s to sagging breasts in the old age.

Breast changes – Why it occurs?

Breast changes is a part of normal aging process. The changes in the structure and tissue occur due to fluctuation in the hormone levels. The boobs start losing firmness, roundness and fullness which were at their peak in the 20s. There are also a number of unwanted changes to breast that can come in the form of cysts, abscess, fibroids and even cancer. However, these conditions can affect any woman irrespective of her age.

You would experience breast changes:

  1. When your estrogen begins to decline – It is common in older woman to experience change in her breasts. The age related breast changes occur due to natural drop in the estrogen hormone. This dehydrates the connective tissue and the skin of the breast which eventually makes it lose elasticity. When the breast loses elasticity, it also loses fullness and firmness.
  2. When you are around menopause – By definition, menopause is a natural process that stops the monthly menstruation and ovulation in a woman. This period means the woman can no longer become pregnant and have children. The natural process of menopause occurs in and around the age bracket of 45-55. As estrogen hormone declines, it directly affects the breasts.
  3. When your ovaries are removed – In some cases where the ovaries are surgically removed, breast changes are bound to occur. This is because ovaries are the organs which produce hormones that keep the breasts in their perfect order.

Age wise signs of breast changes

For better understanding of breast changes according to age, we have to draw an outline of breast development a woman experience all throughout her life. Let’s get started.

Breast changes during puberty – Start budding

In women, the breast development does not occur until they hit puberty. This age of around 12 years is the period when estrogen level kick starts and breast begin to appear.

Breast changes in your 20s –Loads of changes

By this period, the boobs are now fully formed and in their prime state. As you are settling down into your adult weight, you are likely to experience change in shape and size of breast. At this period of time, your boobs are most firm, lively as well as most dense which means they have more fibrous tissue.

However, more fibrous tissue can also lead to formation of lumps, especially when you experience lumpiness in one breast. This condition is known as fibrocystic breast changes. Moreover, most women in their 20s become pregnant and with pregnancy, come several changes in breast including enlargement of the breast tissue. This happens due to weight gain which comes from extra diet in pregnancy.

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Breast changes in your 30s – A bit of stretching

After giving birth to few kids and fluctuation in weight, your breast skin will begin to stretch. This phenomenon could lead to stretch marks especially if you would have to deal with significant weight fluctuations during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Breast changes in your 40s – Little softer

Around this period, your ovaries will start producing less amount of estrogen hormone. At this time, the breasts undergo involution or a state of shrinkage of organs. During this phase, the breast tissue will be replaced by fat which provides softness to the breasts. This may happen in one breast at a time and leaving the other as firm, so there is no need to panic about breast lumps.

Breast changes in 50s and over – Sagginess

During your 50s, you might notice or complain about your breast hanging down. You would definitely miss those days when your boobs were nice and supple. Estrogen and progesterone are the hormones which are responsible for fueling the growth of ducts, glands and the non-fatty tissues of the breasts. When production of these hormones steeply declines, you will find your breast sagging or hanging down.

Speak up if you are in doubt

Changes in the breasts during aging process are clearly noticeable upon physical examination. However, redness, thickness, breast pain, hard lumps and nipple discharge are not considered as part of normal changes. If you find any of these changes during self-examination, check with your doctor without delay.

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How can a woman manage breast changes?

As normal breast changes are part of natural aging process, there is nothing we can do about it. However, if you are one of those who are significantly upset about the changes in your breast, you can also opt for cosmetic surgical procedure. This treatment can restore the fullness of the breast along with the position of the nipples. This procedure is also known as breast lift surgery or mastopexy.

As per stretch marks, there is no absolute treatment. Some woman may opt for topical products which might help in their appearance; some other may choose laser treatment. You can discuss all these options with the doctor or cosmetic surgeon who can guide you better as to which would be the ideal option for you.

In addition, being kind to your body by not smoking, eating a healthy well-balanced diet, regularly exercising and taking adequate sleep matters a lot when it comes to gentle aging process.