Are Men More Accident Prone Than Women?

Are Men More Accident Prone Than Women?

It’s a well-known fact that female life expectancy is more than that of males for a number of reasons. Accidents and violence are the two major culprits that make the males depart earlier. But naturally the question arises that why men are more accident prone than women? Is it something in their genes, behaviour or risky occupation or are they more awkward?

Most of the men are not daredevils and they don’t fantasize themselves as race car drivers or adventure junkies. Majority of them are office goers, students and bread earners then why the mortality rate so high? According to Daniel Kruger, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Michigan, "Women tend to be more cautious partly because they are not competing as intensely for reproductive access to men”.

Another theory states that death rates are so high that modern technology has converted man’s risk taking impulses into Achilles Heel (weak spot). William Farthing, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Maine states that “People don't easily learn to fear cars, escalators, or electrical outlets, although they quickly learn to be afraid of snakes and spiders.”

Is it the risky behaviour?

Young men most of the times are over represented when it comes to death rates due to accidents. This is perhaps because of their risky nature or you may call it behaviour. Boys are twice prone to death in play-related accidents, car crashes or by falling out of windows as compared to girls.

What the statistics tells us?

Adult male are three times more likely to die from injuries than females. Statistics from several countries shows that men are 2-5 times more likely to get into hospitals than women due to injuries. Here are some statistics that shows this shocking picture.

  1. There’s one death every 4 minutes due to road accident in India and majority of them are men.
  2. Men are more prone to bone fractures due to sports related accidents than women.
  3. Men sustain 11 times more work related burns than women.
  4. 97 percent of employees die at work are men in UK while for US, this is 93 percent. Statistics of developing countries such as India is unimaginable.
  5. Every 10 days, a worker dies working in mines in India.

What is happening?

One can easily comprehend with the above statistics that men are not clumsier than woman. They are disproportionately represented in activities that carry risk, though this thing keeps on changing with change in technology. It would be unwarranted to call that men by nature are predisposed to behave carelessly.

Till date, much of the emphasis is being laid on the male behaviour assuming that they are hardwired or innately determined in their tasks that makes them reckless, a part of being a male. Scientifically, there is ample evidence that testosterone levels affect behaviour but this does not imply to young boys or choices they make in occupation.

How can man prevent themselves from injuries?

If we have to sum up this one word it would be ‘cant’. However, avoiding any activities and dangerous profession that leads to accidents or injury will certainly lower the risk. So in most of the cases, we have to take on our own rationale.