Can A Woman Get Pregnant Soon After Giving Birth?

Can A Woman Get Pregnant Soon After Giving Birth?

Are you thinking how early can you become pregnant after giving birth? Are you worried about showing up pregnancy signs within six-weeks postpartum check-up? These midwives tales have been troubling the woman since time immemorial.

Many women who become moms are led to believe that they cannot conceive soon after delivery or at least six months after giving birth, but this is not 100 percent true.

What's the fact?

A woman’s body is capable of getting pregnant soon after giving birth whether she has gone through vaginal birth or C-section delivery. In both the cases, there are chances of getting pregnant since you can ovulate before your first postpartum period.

It is certainly not recommended to have intercourse within six-week postpartum check-up for some good reasons. Firstly, you need to heal from the agony of giving birth and secondly, from the perspective of birth control you would not be taking risk of getting pregnant again. 

You might be asked in the hospital about your birth control methods before indulging in sex. But many women may not consider it as of vital importance since they will be breastfeeding the new-born and busy in taking care of the baby.

While naturally, breastfeeding delays ovulation in a woman, yet it’s not an effective birth control method unless you are fully aware of Lactional Amenorrhea Method (LAM). 

The method requires a lot of time and limitations for instance; you will be required not to use a breast pump for feeding baby or your baby should not get a pacifier, etc. These are some of the constraints that might be difficult for most women to cope with.

Is pregnancy close together risky?

Now, this is another part of the story. You might be thinking this whole conversation is only to make people cautious about birth control, but this is not true. 

A woman who becomes pregnant shortly after giving birth has higher chances of facing complications the next time she gives birth. 

The reason is simple; body post-delivery does not fully develop. Even if you think you are no longer physically weak after a few weeks, yet the hormones and vital nutrients will take their course of time to resume their normal cycle.

Risk related to close together pregnancies

  • Premature water break
  • Preterm birth
  • Congenital disorders or birth defects
  • Low birth weight
  • Placental abruption

It is highly recommended to have sound spacing between your children. If you wait 6-18 months for your second pregnancy, the outcomes would be better since it gives enough time to your body to heal and also enable you to mentally equip yourself for the next pregnancy. 

Also, you would be able to carefully monitor your child postnatal.

Even if accidentally you have become pregnant soon after giving birth, have a word with your gynecologist to reduce the risks as much as possible.