Can We Become Smarter By Taking Brain Boosting Pills?

Can We Become Smarter By Taking Brain Boosting Pills?

Our mind performs splendid things and it is far beyond expressing this in words. In the age of multi-tasking, we have to consistently explore and evolve ourselves to keep in line with the advancements today. So what to do for consistently grow at a faster rate and beat the clock?

The better way for many of us would be supercharging our brain to perform a laundry of tasks. For that, brain supplements and nootropics are increasingly becoming popular these days. So let’s know about the brain-boosting supplements and their impact on our cognitive ability.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are smart drugs that act as cognitive enhancers. These drugs can boost memory and help us increase focus and attention. There are various factors that can reduce our memory such as stress, lack of sleep and alcohol intake, etc. 

Nootropics can enhance learning and memory by improving brain’s resilience to the conditions disrupting learning behavior and protect it against various physical and chemical injuries.

Our bodily functions totally depend on millions of neurons which communicate with each other via electrical impulses and chemical signals. In simple words, when a person learns, he requires basically two skills, memory and concentration. 

Memory by definition is the ability to remember while concentration is the ability to hold your attention. When someone faces a problem with these two skills, taking nootropics might be a good idea.

How Nootropics works?

Neurotransmitters are the chemical substance released by neurons to help in the transfer of chemical messages throughout the brain. 

Some of the examples of neurotransmitters are dopamine, serotonin, glutamate, acetylcholine and GABA and these chemical substances play a crucial role in cognitive functionality. 

These are things that control our mood, retention ability, mental quickness, etc. Nootropics drugs enhance the effect of these neurotransmitters.

There are several nootropics that increase the flow of blood, the thing which is needed to deliver oxygen to the brain. When the quantity of blood is improved, the primary functions of recalling and focus speeds up. 

There has been extensive research with nootropics used for relieving some brain disorders such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Multiple Sclerosis.

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Are Nootropics safe?

Nootropics consist of medications, supplements or functional foods. There are different kinds of nootropic drugs out there and they all work in different ways. Although there are no side effects or risks scientifically established, it’s important to understand as anything in excess is harmful.

Overdosage could result in stomach upset or headaches. So it is vital to know the quantity of a particular nootropic and its daily dosage. Remember, all the pills have their own side effects, your doctor can help you out in choosing the best.

Bottom line 

The drug which improves overall health and mind over a longer period of time, is only eligible to be called as a nootropic. Also, taking these smart drugs will not turn you into a genius overnight or you start speaking another language in a few days. If you stick to the proper regimen, you will definitely see the change.