Disadvantages of Permanent Eye Makeup

Disadvantages of Permanent Eye Makeup

Permanent makeup on eyeliners, eyebrows and eyelashes are becoming extremely popular nowadays. But are these actually safe for you? Permanent makeup is the art of embedding dyes and pigments in the layers of skin for enhancement of certain features of the face. Most of the people do not know that permanent make-up is actually a tattoo.

Technically, micro-pigmentation refers to the application of iron oxide pigment along the eyelashes via rotary needle. While for many people, permanent make-up is an excellent way of hiding imperfections of the skin such as scars or some skin conditions, it may act as a disaster for some others. 

Here are some of the drawbacks or complications of applying permanent make-up.


Permanent make-up gives birth to granulomas, which are hard nodules of tissue forming around foreign material. It arises from within the body itself and it’s a way of safeguarding the body from potentially harmful materials. If it persists, it can cause inflammation.


The tattoo industry is not a licensed industry. So dyes, inks and needles are not regulated. In the process, most of the tattoos are applied with small needles which can be non-sterile in nature, resulting in infections like hepatitis and staph.


People can also be allergic to particular colour or type or iron oxide in the ink. It can lead to allergic reaction. Although there are rare cases of skin reactions, but if someone gets it, it is very difficult to treat. Tattoos are also not easily removable.


Some people may experience fanning, means spreading of permanent ink from the original location. It is caused due to deep injection. While it may not be a problem from the medical point of view, it can distort the appearance.

MRI complications

This is a rare case, however, some individuals might experience temporary swelling around the tattoo during MRI application. Moreover, if you do not follow the guidelines of the specialist, it might land you up in a much bigger medical problem.

Formation of Keloid

The skin can also react to foreign particles. If someone is prone to that, the tattoo application can leave aggressive scars known as keloids. Keloid also occurs when the skin is traumatized.

Complications of Removal

Just like application of tattoos is a delicate process, its removal also requires proficiency. The removal can cause scarring and eyelid blemish as it is done by surgical excision, injection of tanic acid and pulse carbon dioxide laser.

Other possible complications - Permanent make-up may trigger change of skin surface, loss of eyelashes and even bleeding.

Permanent make-up need hands of a surgeon and eyes of an artist. So give a thorough look at various options, consult multiple tattoo artists or cosmetic surgeons if you really think permanent make-up is a good choice for you. Just make your decision carefully as a makeup tattoo is not an unplanned thing you can get done at any desired shop nearby.


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