Does Drinking More Cold Water Help Burn More Calories?

Does Drinking More Cold Water Help Burn More Calories?

It has been said over so many years by doctors and health experts that how drinking more water is excellent for health. This is undeniably true and essential not from the perspective of good health but also to facilitate the fat burning process. 

But it needs to bring your attention to the fact that besides drinking more water, drinking cold water has many benefits including a boost in your daily calorie burn. The concept is simple and clear, let’s go through it.

How many calories do I burn with cold water?

You can burn about 50 calories per liter of cold water or roughly you can say 25 calories per typical chilled water bottle.

How does it work?

This is due to our body requiring the water to heat up in the digestive tract. Our body is warm by nature and when something comes to interrupt this delicate temperature balance, the body has to put extra effort to heat this up to get everything in perfect balance. 

In the process of turning something cold into something which is warm, a massive amount of energy is needed, thus, our body uses stored fat to gain that required energy to warm it up. As a result, we end up burning more calories. 

How much water to drink?

It depends whether you are dieting or not. Besides the water we derive from the food, some medical references opine that men should have 2.95 liters of beverages while women should have 2.15 liters of beverages daily. With exercise, the numbers obviously become different as you have to replenish the lost water.

Should I drink more water while dieting?

Most of the diet plans recommend drinking more water in order to lose weight. It doesn’t necessarily mean flushing out fat but there are many other reasons to do so. One is the breaking down of body fat during weight loss produces wastes and high protein diet produce even more, so this has to be removed via kidneys. This requires more water to keep the kidney properly functioning. Sipping a big glass of water before every meal will fill the stomach and you will perhaps quit eating earlier.

Does drinking cold water increases metabolism?

It can and for a brief period of time. A study conducted in Berlin (Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, December, 2003) revealed that participants who drank 500 mL of cold water burned 25 extra calories and showed increased metabolism for short term. It was a result of warming up of water in the stomach.

Too much of a good thing is bad

Potential of drinking cold water to lose weight is there but just don’t try to go overboard in order to shed weight quickly. Drinking too much water can imbalance body salt or electrolytes. Drinking several gallons of water in a day could prove life-threatening. Past instances show that healthy athletes died due to drinking too much of plain water.

Just have some water for thought.