Does Sex Position Matter When Trying To Get Pregnant?

Does Sex Position Matter When Trying To Get Pregnant?

Many people believe that missionary position (man on top, woman on bottom) during sex is the best and ideal way to get pregnant. Unfortunately, there isn’t any research that supports this claim. In fact, any position that gets the sperm near the cervix can impregnate a woman.

The sperm then can swim upstream through the female reproductive tract itself and can even survive for many days. This also clears the air that deep penetration is needed to get pregnant.

Whether you go for missionary position, doggy style, right angle sex position, side by side position or edge of the bed position, no matter what you try there is no research to actually prove this. In fact, creating lab condition for the study of this topic would be challenging, for a number of good reasons. However, there are some researches on intrauterine insemination (IUI) that may indicate that position makes a difference.

What is Intrauterine Insemination?

It’s a kind of fertility treatment also known as artificial insemination that involves placing the sperm directly into the uterus of woman via a special catheter. The sperm first undergoes lab procedure in which sluggish sperm are filtered out and fast-moving sperm are retained in order to gain chances of conception. The treatment is conducted in various cycles.

In one of the studies, researchers found that women who lay on their back for 15 minutes after the sperm placement in the uterus have 27 percent rate of getting pregnant after three treatment cycles. This is 9 percent more than the women who got up right away after sperm placement.

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Is Doggy Style as Effective as Missionary Position?

Researchers in the study using MRI scan were able to relate which sexual position was better in terms of ejaculation closest to the cervix. The surprising result was that the rear penetration or doggy style sex gets the sperm delivered to the ideal location i.e. closer to cervix, as compared to the typical missionary position.

Point to be noted here that this study doesn’t give indication of pregnancy success rate but instead shows delivery of sperm closer to the cervix is better via penetration from rear or doggy style sex.

Reason to Change Position

It’s not only the matter of getting pregnant or if you are doing sex in order to conceive, you would begin to feel it like a daily routine task. Trying different sexual positions will rejuvenate excitement into your sexual life. Even it doesn’t stimulate your chances of pregnancy; it is still meaningful in terms of your emotional relationship.

While the next time elderly in your home tells you the reason you are not getting pregnant is due to ‘wrong position’, don’t lend your ears to them.