Frequent Urination - Am I Suffering From Something Serious?

Frequent Urination - Am I Suffering From Something Serious?

As we grow older and older, numerous things of our body change and one of those is urinary tract. So sometimes when we visit toilet frequently we might think there is something serious happening inside. So we ask ourselves why I am getting this frequently or how much should a normal human being urinate in a day?

It’s a thing many people don’t like to talk about but if it becoming a lifestyle problem, or some pain or irritation, then it’s time to check the underlying cause of this.

Why I urinate frequently?

It is important to first understand about the normal frequency of urinating and why it occurs. Our kidney filters out wastes and extra fluid for the production of urine. This urine then passes down from two narrow tubes known as ureters and then stored in a balloon shaped organ called bladder. When full with urine, bladder swells and shrinks during emptying process.

When the bladder fills, nerve signals are sent to your brain eventually stimulating the urge to urinate. During urination, the nerve signals coordinate with pelvic floor muscles and urethra muscles for relaxation. The muscles of the bladder then tighten up, expelling out the urine.

This happens six to eight times a day. When this frequency is disturbed or if you are seeing more than eight times a day including a few times at nights, then it is due to overactive bladder.

What Is Overactive Bladder?

Now contrary to the normal functioning, when your bladder is overactive the muscle of the bladder start contracting involuntarily even though you don’t have much urine in the bladder. This creates a sudden urge to urinate that’s sometimes difficult to stop and might lead to involuntary loss of urine before you catch up the bathroom.

If you are suffering from overactive bladder and that too on a chronic level, you must talk to a specialist for knowing the underlying causes and the appropriate treatment.

What could be the reasons? Is it something serious?

Frequent urination can be early symptoms of different diseases, some may be due to mild infection, some may be serious to ponder upon. Here are some of them mentioned briefly.

  • Abnormal large amount of urine frequently could be an early sign of type 1 or type 2 diabetes, as the body tries to get rid of unused glucose.
  • Enlarged prostate causes the bladder wall to become irritable and can block the flow of urine. The bladder then expels out the urine in small amounts.
  • In the initial weeks of pregnancy, when the growing uterus puts pressure on the bladder, it causes frequent urination.
  • Urinary tract infection could be another reason of overactive bladder.

Is it a rare disease?

Urinary incontinence (overactive bladder) is commonly a problem of middle and old aged people but young adults might also suffer from this. According to Urologist R.K Shimpi, its prevalence in young women is 20 per 1,000 female population. Reasons include frequent urinary tract infections, smoking, obesity, and diabetes, all that can cause urinary incontinence at a young age. It is estimated that 1 in 6 adults over 40 suffers from overactive bladder.

In case of chronic overactive bladder, you must talk to your doctor, he may recommend some tests depending on the condition.


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