How Acne Can Be Cured Using Turmeric?

How Acne Can Be Cured Using Turmeric?

People, especially in the Indian sub-continent, are familiar with the word turmeric. It’s the exotic spice that gives flavor to our foods. Turmeric is an herb that belongs to the ginger family. 

It has been used for thousands of years as a natural medicinal herb and an important ingredient in Ayurveda medicine preparation. Especially, it has been a hot favorite of Indian women who have been using it for curing acne.

But is it anti-acne or just a myth? Let’s first know a little about acne. Acne is caused to due to inflammation and pimples, whiteheads, blackheads on skin are some of its symptoms. It occurs due to oil produced by skin getting trapped in the oil duct. Acne generally appears in the teenage and can grow with the age.

Acne is widespread skin problem of today and while people are getting inclined towards natural treatment, turmeric, which is an essential ingredient in almost all the acne treating products, is getting attention all these years.

What’s special in turmeric?

Most of us have heard about curcumin, an essential component found in turmeric. It is known for its anti-inflammation properties. Although there are over 300 components in turmeric, curcumin is the most widely studied. 

Turmeric besides a favorite herb for treating acne is also a powerful antioxidant and is credited as an anti-ager. It has shown promising signs for treating diabetes, arthritis, etc.

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What’s the connection with Acne?

Turmeric has a potential and is a possible treatment for acne. The inflammation of skin is caused by Propionibacteria acnes which are normal resident of our skin. This bacterium is becoming a hard nut to crack for many anti-biotics so there has been an increase in interest to find some anti-microbial agent to replace antibiotics and treat acne. 

Many studies have found that curcumin can kill this bacterium, at least in vitro (in a lab) and has also been tested on pigskin. But the study hasn’t been conducted on human beings yet. Still, the search is on.

Although turmeric has numerous benefits, it’s potential to treat acne and acne scars hasn’t been proved yet.

Are there any drawbacks?

Just because turmeric is natural it doesn’t guarantee safe and effective skin. In some people, it can cause irritation on skin if directly applied. 

Another drawback though it’s not a serious one but turmeric has the potential to impart its color on anything it touches. Whether its human skin, clothes, eatables, etc. it transmit colours on anything it comes in contact with.

Adding turmeric as a mixture can be beneficial

As mentioned above, turmeric shouldn’t be applied topically, though if used with variety of acne treatment routine, it may help.

  • Drinking Turmeric tea.
  • Using turmeric soap.
  • Add it to your delicacies including curries, rice, steamed vegetables and soups.
  • Many people use turmeric with variety of other natural things such as honey, neem leaves, lemon, sandalwood, aloe vera, etc. to treat acne

There is no proven study, no precise dosage of using turmeric as a treatment for curing acne. Whether you use turmeric or not for your acne problems, always use the proven medication for better and consistent results.


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