How to Combat Bad Mood

How to Combat Bad Mood

Are you having complete control over your mood? You like to think you are a positive person, yet on some occasion do you find yourself in a bad mood? If this is what you usually face, then this article will help you overcome your self-sabotage.

Honestly, we all have bad moods from time to time and it does not necessarily mean that temporary sadness or irritation is a sign of depression. For such short-term bad mood, one can work on some strategies for improvement in the condition. 

The more options you have in hand, the more the chances to overcome your mood. So let’s go through some techniques:

Having bad mood? Feel it

People might think this is contrary to common sense, but it works. If you give yourself permission to feel it, you might get rid of the bad mood. Like all other mental states of affairs, moods are also transitory state and eventually pass on their own. 

What we are trying to say is if you are feeling like crying, allow yourself to cry as you will feel a sense of softening that releases like a thunderstorm that finally bursts through a heat wave.

Live the moment

Bad mood is typically a result of anxiety, worry about future or feeling down with something happened in the past. The best way to come out of this mess is to live the present moment. 

Techniques like meditation can bring back attention right to our present from invading thoughts of the past. Some studies recommend that such thoughtful practices have positive effects on our mind.

Read a book or listen music

Reading a book or listen to music takes you to a whole new world of feelings, eventually making you feel good. It’s like you are allowing yourself to step in someone else’s shows. 

Why not pick up a book of your favorite author or listen to a song of your favorite musician and let them transport you out of your bad mood for some time?

Get Moving

Exercising has numerous benefits and one of them is to alter your mood. This happens due to release of feel-good hormones. For instance, when you start cleaning your clutter surroundings, you feel better as it makes space around you more appealing. 

No matter what exercise you choose, the idea is to move up and down in order to change your mood. If not possible, try a 20-minute walk.

Check yourself

Sometimes our emotions erupt due to dysfunctional thought pattern that comes repeatedly to our minds. This can be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy that checks the validity or authenticity of the thoughts. Like for example, you would think everyone hates you, but that perhaps not correct.


It’s impossible to remain in laughing and bad mood at the same time. It’s a well-established fact that emotions follow your actions that is why many therapists around the world recommend people to take action to cure things such as anxiety and stress. 

Next time you are in bad mood, try laughing, we bet you can’t stay in bad mood after 5 minutes of continuous laughter.

While there are many ways to shake your bad mood, these are just a few to get started. If it doesn’t help, seek some professional help.