How to Defeat Workplace Stress – Powerful Tips to Become a Performer

How to Defeat Workplace Stress – Powerful Tips to Become a Performer

Stress at workplace in today’s demanding job environment is common. Loads of work, un-engaging job, lack of support, conflicts with workers or bosses or working for too many hours are some of the few issues professionals face today. And the toll workplace stress take on an individual is beyond words.

It can affect all the areas of life including significant health consequences from increased amount of cold and flu to serious problems such as heart and metabolic syndrome. Changing jobs every now and then can also add to the burden. So, the best bet is to adopt effective measures to cut off stress at work. Here are some of the powerful tips to overcome stress at workplace.

Start the day with planning and right attitude

After dropping the kids in a haste, gulping coffee or tea instead of something healthy, dodging traffic and battling the road rage, you are already entering the office into stress mode. So, if you start your morning with hassle, you are bound to be reactive at workplace.

Tip – Start off the day by eating something healthy and nutritious such as oatmeal or eggs. Do proper planning of your day and you will see that stress is rolling off your back.

Do not arrive late at work

Those extra 15-20 minutes in the bed can be enough to ruin your whole day and add to the stress. You are needlessly adding more to your workplace stress. So, you have to head start your day with positivity.

Tip – Go to bed early at night and get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning. Try to reach your workplace before time.

Take a deep breath

It’s a common occurrence that people come out of meeting in a tensed mood and feel overwhelmed. If you are one of those you have to clear your head to restore balance. The best way is to take a deep breath so that you can recharge and return to your pre-stress mode of functioning.  

Tip – Simply inhale for 5 seconds and hold your breath. Exhale in equal counts via nose.

Stay clear on your requirements

One of the factors that contribute to stress at jobs is unclear about requirements. You might find yourself more stressed if you don’t know exactly what is expected out of you or if the work requirement keeps on changing frequently and that too with little notice.

Tip – Have an open conversation with your team leader or supervisor. The objective should be to come out with an effective plan to manage your stress pointers rather than discussing a list of complaints.

Mind your own business

Staying focused on your work and responsibilities keeping the nose out of people’s business are one of the best measures to counter workplace stress. The interpersonal conflict happening at workplace can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being.

Tip – Stay away from gossip as much as possible. Avoid sharing too much of your views about politics and religion and avoid those workers who do not work well with others.

Stay organized

Many people are disorganized by nature and this habit often adds to stress at work. But planning ahead in advance can significantly decrease workplace stress. The motive should be to de-clutter everything that comes into your way. You were offered job because of your talent, competence and energy. So always be prepared for your tasks and avoid rushing for the last minute submission.

Tip – Even if you feel you are the best in the organization, don’t take this for granted. Spare a few minutes to scroll through your inbox or toss the unnecessary papers piled up on your desk. List your tasks in the order of their importance.

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Eradicate interruptions

We are living in the world of pop ups/ins, email, instant messages, all which are bound to conflict with the urgent work deadlines. While some interruptions might not be controlled such as phone calls, you can set your priorities to avoid conflict with your tasks.

Tip – Make a rule not to check instant messages or browse social media at work. Preset the criteria or customize your preferences of responses you want to make. If you are performing urgent task, keep your phone in silent mode.

Avoid multitasking

Multitasking was once and still today hailed as a wonderful way of maximizing work efficiency. But this is not always perfect for all the people. Many people suffer from speed and accuracy when they try to make calculations while their phone is on their ear. In real world, many a times multitasking actually waste time and reduces work quality.

Tip – To avoid shoddy work, you can try a new strategy called as chunking means group together your tasks in a certain order or place them side by side.

Take regular breaks

The brains of people employed in companies such as information technology require timely refreshment more than their bodies. Most of us have the notion of ‘pushing and pushing’ the 8-10 hour work to completion as to get more efficiency and productivity. Instead, productivity falls and stress levels rises and at the end of the day entering your home, you have little energy left for your family.

A brief period of recovery is required frequently in the office hours to clear the stress and rejuvenate the mind and body. Get out of sedentary lifestyle to blow off stress and lift your mood.

Tip – Schedule regular breaks throughout the day. It could be anything from 5 minute walk and stretching or breathing exercise on the desk.

Listen to music on the way to home

Listening music have several benefits and one of them is the busting stress. One can easily combat stress of the long day at office by tuning to the favorite music on the way to home. It will give you some energy to interact with the family and bring positivity in your life.

Tip – Try tuning to classical genre as the soothing rhythms and sounds can not only make you relax but also make your commute smoother.

Workplace traps are always waiting to catch you. But combating stress is not a tedious task either. Try these tips and make your workplace productive every day. Besides, eat well, sleep well and workout regularly to get the best of both the worlds.


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