How to Start Yoga - The Beginners Guide

How to Start Yoga - The Beginners Guide

Are you new to yoga? Well, it’s not to worry about as a lot of people are apprehensive to begin practicing yoga. But once you have decided to practice yoga, you need to take the right steps to enjoy the benefits of yoga.


Yoga is a type of exercise that involves body, mind, and spirit

The best way to start as a beginner is to learn under the guidance of a teacher, but one can also begin at home

Spare a dedicated space at your home, start slow and stick to the schedule for better results

Let’s break down some basics about how to do yoga.

First choose a yoga type

There are several different styles of yoga to choose from. And many of them will not suit your personality as well as your fitness level. But most of the gyms and fitness centers offer Hatha and Vinyasa yoga for the beginners.

Hatha is a usually a slower paced and gentle version, focused on basic stretching and breathing, Vinyasa style, on the other hand, involves more movement and is more vigorous. Just search for the classes which say ‘yoga for beginners’.

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Where to start Home, Gym or some Studio?

Learning from an actual teacher is no match but you can choose some local gym or studio to begin. You can check the local newspaper and magazine to check the gyms and studios offering yoga classes for beginners. 

If you can’t find the desired place to start, you always have the option to begin your yoga practice at home by buying DVDs or virtual classes online.

What you would expect in a Yoga Class

If you are lucky enough to find the gym offering yoga classes for beginners, then get ready to face what you will expect there.

On the first day of your class, you would require to bring comfortable and breathable clothes

  • Most gyms and studios also rent yoga mats, but you can also bring your own
  • Generally, the students place their mat facing the teacher’s mat or front of the room
  • You will see the students sitting in a cross-legged position or doing some warm stretching
  • Depending on the teacher, the class will begin with chanting ‘om’, breathing exercise or some short meditation
  • Then the class will begin with some warm-up poses, and then will go for more vigorous poses followed by stretches and finally relaxation
  • During the final relaxation time, the teacher might reach each student and give a little massage to them
  • Most of the classes will end up with another round of ‘om’ chant

Yoga at Home

If you are unable to catch up with the class, it’s still possible to create a solid yoga practice at home. Both newbies and seasoned students can benefit alike from these tips:

Start slow 

If you are a beginner, there is no need to dive directly into a 45-minutes sequence, rather start with 15-20 minutes session. If initially, you start committing to a daunting task, it will not be easier to follow the routine. So get started with 20 minutes total body yoga session.

Timing is important 

Make sure you hit the mat at the same time everyday. Whether yoga is the first thing in the morning or you do at early evening, the stable your routine is, the more your mind will desire for regular practice. If the practice seamlessly integrates with your busy schedule, you will not find any excuse.

Pick poses wisely 

There are numerous poses to choose but as a starter, you should choose two poses when building a practice at home. Choose one pose you like the most and the other you hate doing. The one you like will make you feel graceful and confident, while the other which you hate is the one which the body needs the most.

You can choose poses such as mountain, tree, warrior, cobra, bridge, child’s pose, triangle pose, bridge pose, etc.

Create a dedicated space 

Spare some space for your practice from your sweet home. Whether it is a section of your living room or corner of your bedroom, find a comfortable place where you get ample space for your mat. Light a candle to enhance the ambiance a little.

The internet is loaded with yoga websites and videos, so for the beginners, there is a lot to learn. But joining a live class is the best way to focus correctly and once you are mature enough in basics, you can shift your base to your home and make progress.