How to Successfully Achieve Weight Loss by Walking?

How to Successfully Achieve Weight Loss by Walking?

Walking for weight loss is an excellent way of shedding those extra kilos off your body. It is also a superb way of introducing daily physical activity in your life. Many health experts will recommend you to go for brisk walking but yet the basic question remains as to how much or how longer to walk to achieve our weight loss target?

How long should we walk each day to lose weight?

You have to be an active walker right from the first day if you really want to see results. We should aim at least 2.5 hours of brisk or quick walking every week or at least 20-25 minutes every day. You can increase the time by upto 1.5 hours daily afterward. 

You can increase or decrease the amount of walking everyday depending on your schedule but we should target at least the total time of 2.5 hours in the entire week.

How much distance can I cover daily?

At brisk walking speed, you would be able to cover between 2.5 to 3.3 kilometers daily in about 30 minutes of time.

What if I am new to walking?

There is nothing to worry about. Just get started with shorter periods and steadily increase up your walking time. Try to take longer walking every couple of days; it will help you build up your endurance for the later periods. See the step by step workout detail below.

How many calories will I burn daily?

Taking a half an hour stroll will help you burn 100-300 calories, depending on your weight. If you are walking more than 30 minutes, then add up the calorie numbers accordingly. The first 30 minutes of your exercise will burn sugars stored as a fuel. 

After these sugars are exhausted, the fat stored in your fat cell will take the charge as a fuel for running. This fat storage is exactly what you need to shed off your body. So it’s better to walk more than 30 minutes daily if you want to see speedy results.

Walking workout plan

  • Start your walking with a slow pace for 10 minutes.
  • Stop after 10 minutes and do some light stretches and flex your muscles for a few minutes.
  • Now start walking at a brisk pace for 20 minutes.
  • Again cool down to a slower pace for 5 minutes.
  • Finish the workout by doing some stretches.

For achieving the weight loss goal, you should use 50-70 percent of your maximum heart rate (depending on age). For determining this, use some smart fitness bands, heart rate tracker or you can see your target heart rate through online calculator as well.

What to do if I am unable to walk 30 minutes at a time?

The busy schedule of many people or age factor doesn’t allow them to walk that much at a time. So for these people, breaking this 30 minutes walking into 2-3 schedules can also work. But it should be done at a brisk pace.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to keep an eye on your diet, else you will eradicate all your efforts.