Indoor Cycling - These 5 Tips Can Improve Your Fitness Level

Indoor Cycling - These 5 Tips Can Improve Your Fitness Level

Do you believe indoor workout is an important part of your fitness routine? If so, you are at the right place as we will get you through the best ways to remain fit via indoor cycling.


  • Indoor cycling lay emphasis on low impact workout
  • It improves heart health, boost muscle endurance and help you lose weight
  • Group setting environment, maintaining hydration and some accessories help improve fitness level

Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is an excellent way of exercising for the people looking for low impact workout. Almost anyone can do this cardio exercise. It is a specific style of the stationary bike also known as ‘spin bike’. Indoor cycling is often done in the group but many fitness centers offer bikes for solo rides as well.

Indoor cycling improves your heart health, help you shed weight and boost your muscle endurance. However, like many other pieces of cardio equipment, people often stall their progress towards fitness goals following a monotonous exercise routine. 

But not to worry, here we are mentioning five tips through which you can bring your indoor cycling back on the fitness track.

1. Join a partner or indoor cycling classes

Today, in big cities you can find indoor cycling centers just a stone’s throw away. Led by trained instructors, these centers offer cycling classes in order to motivate you to work harder in a group as compared to peddling a bike alone. 

These classes are filled with lively, energetic music that makes your feet moves automatically.
In short, in the group setting environment, you will be motivated by like-minded people along with the thrill of music.

2. Using Proper Form in Your Indoor Cycling Class

Although your instructor will help you adapt the setting and environment, in general, you would want to know how to set yourself on the bike properly. You should first check the height of your seat. Make sure your legs are slightly bent about 10 degrees at the bottom. Raise the seat if you have too much bend in your knees. Do the opposite if your leg is totally straight.

Next, adjust the handlebar to hip height and ensure your hands are resting comfortably upon them. Let your cycling shoes snug in the peddle straps. Finally, tighten the straps for a comfortable exercising position.

3. Be Sure To Hydrate

Hydration should be on the top of mind when doing any kind of exercise. Whether you are peddling at the comfort of your home or in the indoor cycling class, make sure you always carry a water bottle with you. No doubt, you can go off the bike and grab some water bottle from a separate room, but why to divert attention from the task at hand when you have water bottle readily available?

Moreover, once the class gets going, the room may become hot and humid. So you should have at least 600 ml of water for an hour of class.

4 Accessorize

Accessories are made to enhance the workability. You can get some handy accessories for your indoor cycle from either bike shops or online retailer. Accessories such as indoor cycling shoes, heart rate monitors and get seat covers can really make a difference.

  • For instance, when you first start cycling, it’s possible that your tailbone can become a bit sore until you get adapt to the seating. Gel bike seat covers can help you reach the comfort level.
  • Likewise, if you are planning to sweat a lot, you might want to buy bike shorts which are specialized apparel made for comfort.
  • Similarly, indoor cycling shoes is yet another accessory designed to clip onto the pedals, so you won’t need a strap in your cycling shoes.

5. Hold up The Resistance Knob

This is one of the reasons why people are big fans of cycling classes. Also, this is important in terms of health. Riding without enough resistance can wear your joints, especially when you are bouncing up and down in the saddle. 

So consider the resistance knob as your friend because it will help you reach your fitness goals. If you are unsure about the resistance, take a look into the mirror and add some more.

The instructor will guide you on how much resistance you have to put on the knob. Just remember, the more you put yourself to challenge, the better you will achieve.

Bottom Line

If you want to reach your fitness goals through fun and effective way, indoor cycling is the best. So turn on the music, watch TV, pump it up loud and get yourself in shape.