Learning the Underlying Causes of Male Infertility

Learning the Underlying Causes of Male Infertility

Many people till today believe fertility problem occurs only in women, but it can occur in both male and female. Male infertility is a bigger problem than most people think. It’s not more upsetting for a man then facing the condition that he may not reproduce.

Call it a social stigma or something else, this thing drives him crazy. It is important to know the reasons behind male infertility and how one have to deal with this so that correct treatment can be started.

Here are some of the most common medical causes of male infertility.


A varicocele is an enlarged vein that drains the testicle. This is the most leading cause of male infertility. It is still unknown what causes varicocele, it might have some relation with abnormal testicular temperature. 

This results in reduced sperm quality. In vitro fertilization technique is used to treat varicocele and may potentially improve results over the time.

Retrograde ejaculation

It happens when during ejaculation semen move in the bladder instead of coming through the penis. In this condition, a man might ejaculate a little or not at all. This is also called dry orgasm, although he will reach the sexual climax. 

The reasons behind retrograde ejaculation could be many including spinal injuries, certain medications or surgery of the prostate and bladder.


Some genital infections such as gonorrhoea, HIV or inflammation of the testicles can interfere with the sperm production or affect quality of sperm or blocks the passage of sperm. Most often the sperm can be retrieved but in some cases, it can result in permanent damage of testicles.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance in thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands can cause male infertility. It may be caused due to abnormality; your doctor may recommend you certain medication for the treatment.

Autoimmune problems

In some cases, the immune system or antibodies can mistakenly target sperm as foreign virus. As a result, the sperm can be damaged.

Sexual Problems

Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse affects fertility. These problems can be caused by diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure and even some kind of anti-depressants.

Certain Medication and Surgeries

Male infertility can also be affected by cancer medications, long-term anabolic steroid use, ulcer drugs and certain other medications that could result in low sperm production. 

Similarly, some surgeries such as prostate surgeries, vasectomy, testicular surgeries, rectal cancers and large abdominal surgeries can prevent a man from ejaculating sperm.

Other causes

Besides some of the major causes mentioned above, there are some environmental causes that could render a man, infertile.

  • Drinking alcohol, smoking and taking steroids and drugs such as cocaine and marijuana.
  • Exposure to environmental hazards, radioactive substances and pesticides
  • Stress can affect certain hormones required for the production of sperm
  • Obesity can directly impact on hormones needed for sperm production

With the advancement in medicine, most of the cases can be treated but in some worst cases, you have to draw a line in the sand.