Mindful Eating - 8 Strategies To Stop Snacking

Mindful Eating - 8 Strategies To Stop Snacking

Food related problems are one of the toughest to deal with. That is why a lot of people just surrender to their cravings and the end result is the obesity with all its adverse effects on the body. Snacking mindlessly is one of the biggest hurdles on the way to weight loss. The craving for snacks can come out of boredom, stress or anxiety.

Sometimes the compulsion to eat is too much, so how can we stop or prevent this food instinct? The following strategies derived from nutrition experts can stop this mindless eating habit.

1. Avoid skipping meals

Snacking is not always bad, it’s the uncontrollable binge eating that is the cause of concern. So create meal plans and follow them strictly. This will not only bind you to a nutritious and healthy eating schedule but also help you fight the craving for unhealthy foods.

2. Right attitude on hunger scale

Mindless eating is when you feel “I am full but I can eat more”. This is not the right attitude. Try to value the power of self-discipline. If you are full, there is no need to continue munching. Once you think that you have hit the point where you could eat more but not feeling hungry anymore, this is the right time to stop.

3. Don’t be a multi-tasker

Yes, today’s lifestyle demands multitasking capabilities, but executing multiple things at a time should be limited to work, not when you are eating. It becomes very difficult to pay attention to satiety signals when you are watching TV or talking to somebody. Mindful eating is to respect your body by sitting down and concentrating on what you are eating.

4. Drink plenty of water

One of the main sensors of our body we often misjudge is the sensor of thirst. Many people when misread this sensor will start on snacking instead of drinking water. Lack of water in the body sometimes sends a message of hunger to the brain.

Besides, drinking water before meals will signal our brain the feeling of fullness. So supply plenty of water to your body throughout the day, especially one glass before major meals.

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5. Keep yourself busy

Hunger is considered more of a mental thing. Boredom can lead to snacking and this is the worst time for a dieter. Keep yourself occupied in activities you like the most. Get out with your friends or take up a new hobby to divert your mind from food stuffs. Get a walk and stroll around the park near you.

6. Brush your teeth or use mouthwash

This could be odd for some people as to how brushing the teeth is related to avoid snacking? Yes, there is a lot of benefits in this simple deterrent. Most people don’t feel eating or drinking anything right after brushing or mouth washing. Have you ever gulped a glass of orange juice right after brushing? The answer will be no. Implement this right after dinner and you will find more benefit in this trick.

7. Eat at moderate pace

Each of us has stress receptors in our brain. Do you know the food we eat takes around 20 minutes to reach the stomach? So we can overdo this process by guzzling the food too quickly. Take time to munch each bite, taste and smell it. In the end, you will find that your body has processed your satiety quite efficiently. You will not feel snacking after the meal.

8. Avoid buying unhealthy foods

Buying healthy foods would prevent you from accidentally wandering around those cookies, chips and ice creams in your kitchen. So, create a healthy food list every time you go grocery shopping. You also need to be conscious about contents of the foods you are buying such as foods with high-fat contents. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grain products should be on your list every time.

Irrespective of how meticulous we are about our diet, every one of us has some instants of weakness. If still, you are having difficulty in monitoring your between-the-meals snacking, note it down in your diary. Once you rewire your brain and figure out your triggers, the blaring snacking thoughts will disappear.