Planning To Lose Weight? These Science Based Strategies Can Be Saviour

Planning To Lose Weight? These Science Based Strategies Can Be Saviour

No matter how much those fancy programs of weight loss scare you, the fact is losing weight is not a rocket science. Though for a beginner, it might be an overwhelming task, with a good strategy, anyone can shed those unwanted kilos off the body.

Process of weight loss

But before beginning, it is important to note how does weight loss happen? The simple age old calculation is a deficiency in calories is equals to losing the body weight. We have to burn more calories than consuming if we are serious about losing weight.

The burning of calories involves mainly three things; exercise, non-exercise, and BMR or basal metabolic rate (calories burnt at rest). All these three must be high as compared to the food you consume. In a simple equation, a deficit plan of 250-500 calories a day will be enough to lose 300-400 gms of body weight a week.

As far as basal metabolic rate is concerned, it usually accounts for about 60-70 percent of the calories you burn throughout the day. It does not include calories you burn through normal activities or exercise. How much the body burns at rest will also depend on several factors such as age, sex, hormones, genetics and amount of muscle mass. You can play around with the BMR tool available on the internet and know where you stand.

After creating the calorie deficit plan, the next thing that comes is the ways of losing weight. They are broadly divided into two categories. You can stick to one method and see the results while many others find benefits in the combo.

1. Change your eating and drinking habits

There is a famous saying ‘You are what you eat’ and this fits perfectly when it comes to weight gain/loss. Besides reducing the amount of food you eat, it is essential to change what you eat. These five tips will help you in this.

Track your food

Those burgers, french fries and all those processed food you see at a store, looks divine and tempting. Choosing these over organic things will only add to calories in the form of added sugar and fats. If you are tracking your foods carefully, you will come to know what essential nutrients your food contains for e.g. protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. So in order to get the largest chunk of your nutritional bang and simultaneously creating a bigger calorie deficit, you need to switch to whole and unprocessed foods. While tracking the food is a good idea, we should not lose our mind on consuming these unprocessed and whole foods.

Ditch soda

Added sugars and sweeteners can jeopardize the entire weight loss regime. Soda is one of them which is just empty calories that only contributes to weight gain, giving room for many chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases. So say goodbye to soda and other artificial sweeteners.

Drink plenty of water

We all know hydration is important for our wellbeing. But what most people are not aware of is that it is also an essential component of weight loss regime. Water keeps hunger at bay, the more you drink, the less you will consume, as simple as that. Hydration also reduces fatigue, so chugging a glass of water can help you switch from sofa to treadmill. Besides, there have been numerous studies which conclude that consuming less water adds to body mass index.

Planned meals

Failing to plan is planning a fail. This could be correct right to some extent. Planning the meals ahead will not only cut the chances of last-minute pizza delivery and other fast foods but also save you time, money and of course, calories. This strategy might also inspire you to introduce new healthy meals into your routine.

Eating Sensibly

Today, willingly or unwillingly we have become multi-taskers. Munching favorite foods in front of the tv or snacking while writing emails can make the weight loss milestone more challenging to conquer. Mindful eating means being conscious of the smell, taste, texture, and fullness of your tummy. If you have mastered this art of patience then you have understood the secret to lose weight.

2. Burn off those calories

Reducing the number of calories is the ideal way to create the best calorie deficit plan. But what if we work on the burning process in some other way? Yes, regular exercise can be a perfect game plan to boost your metabolism, making your calorie deficit much easier.

You can choose any workout from interval training, weight training to running, yoga, even swimming, try until you find the one which best suits you. You might get amazed to know that simply walking can be enough to get you in shape.

Tips that can make weight loss easier

Yet with all our dedication and planning, sometimes it is difficult to do than say. We can give a few ideas on how we can make this task easier:

  • Give your fridge or storeroom a little makeover by keeping off those chips, ice creams, and cookies. This will help remove your temptation right to some extent.
  • Usually, late night snacks such as chips and ice creams are high in calories and often eaten thoughtlessly out of fun and enjoyment. Stay away from eating anything after dinner.
  • Eating out can pile up the calories, but even if you are occasional restaurant goer, you should learn how to order smartly at restaurants.
  • Create your own hacks when it comes to swapping calories. For instance, swap half cup chocolate ice cream (150 calories) with half cup chocolate banana ice cream (105 calories).
  • Sleep is mostly undervalued, especially in today’s hustle and bustle of life. Sleep and holistic health come hand in glove. Sleeping also offers the body for rejuvenation and restoration. And when we sleep less, our lifestyle including the eating habits and exercise, get imbalanced. So get the adequate amount of sleep if you are serious about your weight loss objectives.

Take your time to create real and positive weight loss goals and you will see a drastic transformation in your life.