Pregnancy Calendar Week 11 – You Will Experience Faster Hair Growth and Stronger Nails

Pregnancy Calendar Week 11 – You Will Experience Faster Hair Growth and Stronger Nails

This week you are a step closer to complete your two months of pregnancy. Hopefully, starting this week many of the troubling symptoms will begin to die down. Your baby is developing at full swing and this will begin highlighting your tummy. Find out more about what’s happening this week.

Week 11

Your baby has already crossed the journey of an embryo and earned the title of a fetus. The rage of hormones is now creating new symptoms while settling down the older ones for the majority of moms. The little one is also rapidly developing and will see some major changes this week including improved facial features and many other bodily changes.

Your body this week


Most first-time pregnant women don’t usually start to show by the 11th week. However, even if your belly hasn’t surfaced yet, you will be very well experiencing the pregnancy at this point of time. However, women carrying baby second time or more or women with multiple pregnancies will begin to show their baby bump by 11th week. Even though your pregnant belly isn’t noticeable, the uterus is expanding.

Typical symptoms

If you are experiencing fuller hair, glowing skin and stronger nails, you are on the list of the lucky ones. On the contrary, you would also be dealing with a lot of unwanted hair growths on your face, arms and chest. Some other would experience more blemishes. If you choose to remove these unwanted hair then it’s completely normal, however, the best bet is that these unwanted things will return to normal state after your baby is born.

All these changes come on the backdrop of estrogen and androgen hormones which changes the normal growth pattern of the hair. Some women might also experience either oilier or drier hair than before.

Symptoms continuing from past few weeks

For many, the earlier symptoms will continue to create sleepless nights. These are:

New signs and symptoms this week

Some new symptoms can be experienced this week. These include:

  • Glowing skin
  • Fuller hair and stronger nails
  • Unwanted hair growth
  • Blemishes
  • Leg cramps
  • Dark lining at the center of the belly (Linea Nigra)

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Your baby this week

In this week, your baby has developed unique human-like characteristics. The little one is undergoing major growth spurt, thanks to the growing number of blood vessels which are fueling this growth.

Facial features

This week, the ears are now moving towards their proper place on both the sides of the head. The baby’s head will continue to be about half of the entire body length, however, in the coming weeks, the torso will start growing. Tiny nasal passages open up on the tip of the nose. Hair follicles have now started to form on the crown.

Body changes

Those webbed-like hands have now disappeared and the individual fingers and toes are forming. The skin of the baby is still delicate while the nipples have now started to appear on the chest. Bones continues to become stronger while the diaphragm, the flat muscular portion between the chest and abdominal cavity, is progressing well.


While the baby would be kicking and taking somersaults, you would not feel any movement for another 4-8 weeks.

Size, weight and appearance

Your baby currently measures 2 and a half inch long and will add another 6 inches by 20th week. He or she is about the size of a fig or lime and weighs about 8 grams.

Healthy eating

Nourishing your baby requires healthy eating. For that, you should strictly revise your menu. During this week, you should put following things on your plate:

  • Calcium-rich foods in the form of milk and yogurt
  • Proteins which are responsible for the formation of body mass should be included in the diet. Lean meat, eggs, and fish are super rich in protein.
  • Nuts contain multi-minerals as well as rich in protein, so have some handful as your evening snack.
  • Spinach, the richy-rich in iron should be part of your diet at least twice a week
  • Add some pulses and beans into your diet plan. They are packed with easily digestible protein and various vitamins

Expecting dads

At 11th week, her uterus is busy building the placenta, the baby’s lifeline until the delivery. She might be exhausted at this point of time due to troubling symptoms. While she is busy caring the bundle of joy in her belly, help her out in daily household chores by landing a hand. Whether it’s preparing meals or picking up and vacuuming clutter or going for grocery shopping, help her in the best way possible.
This will also let you both spent extra time with each other, helping you nurture your mental well-being.


If you underwent your first prenatal visit at 8th week, the second one would be coming up the next week. This is the time when you would go through:
Nuchal Translucency Screening – This is a combo procedure of ultrasound and blood test which will check for chromosomal defects such as Down Syndrome and trisomy 18. Not all women would be suggested to opt for this screening, but only those who are at risk. Some practitioner only offers the blood test part of this procedure.

During this procedure, the back of baby’s neck will be checked for any defects. If doctor suspects some abnormality, then blood test could be ordered. Here, your healthcare provider looks for specific proteins present in the blood sample. Then the doctor tallies the results to those of an ultrasound to identify the possible presence of extra fluid behind the neural tube.

Tips for the week

By this time you should start taking care of yourself seriously. Make sure you follow the doctor’s advice. The doctor this week might advise you following tips:

  1. Take plenty of rest
  2. Continue taking your prenatal vitamin and folic acid supplement
  3. Eat small frequent meals as digestion is slowed during this period
  4. Avoid wearing tight-fitting attires as they might hinder proper blood circulation
  5. Plan a small holiday or a babymoon to relax
  6. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  7. Have your dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime to keep off heartburn and indigestion
  8. Add some light exercises to your daily schedule

Vaginal bleeding, fever, headache, severe abdominal pain and blurred vision always demands a call to your gynecologist. The 11th week could be a sign of relieving from morning sickness for some women. At this time, the changes are rapid for both of you. So take care of yourself and keep rejoicing every moment of pregnancy.


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