Pregnancy Calendar Week 16 – Time To Change Sleeping Position

Pregnancy Calendar Week 16 – Time To Change Sleeping Position

Since two weeks you are enjoying the comfort of the second trimester as there will be less troubling symptoms during this phase. This week you would probably start following doctor advice on certain things. Read more what’s your baby doing this week along with changes in your body.

Week 16

You have stepped into the 16th week of your pregnancy and this is crucial in many aspects. You are just 4 weeks behind the halfway milestone of your pregnancy and you would start feeling the kicks of your baby anytime soon. Initially, it would be difficult for many women to tell whether the movements in the belly are of baby, gas or some other sensation.

However, you would soon see a regular pattern that indicates that the sensation inside is of the baby body movements.

Your body this week

Pregnant belly and bodyweight

At the beginning of the 16th week, your body will expand and change in size and functionality. It is possible you might feel some butterflies inside. In the starting, this might feel like gas, bloating or muscle twitch, but a few weeks from now the baby movements will be evident. But whether you feel it or not, the baby is definitely moving in the 220 ml of amniotic fluid.

By this time, you will be sporting a baby bump as the uterus continues to expand to reach its peak. As you have already entered the second trimester, you would be adding around 400 grams a weight to your body.

Typical symptoms

The second trimester is sometimes called as ‘honeymoon phase’ as emotions even out, symptoms like nausea and vomiting subsides and you are back on energy levels. This week you may also feel more sleepy than usual along with unusual food cravings. While experts don’t know the exact cause of craving, they blame it on hormones.

Moreover, the doctor may also advise you to stop sleeping on your back starting this week. Other symptoms this week owing to the increased blood flow and changing hormones include:

  • Itchy and sensitive eyes
  • Brighten skin
  • Nosebleeds
  • Backache
  • Bigger breasts
  • Forgetfulness

Complications in 16th week

While the risk of miscarriage has certainly dropped to an extent, you must not ignore symptoms such as spotting, severe abdominal pain and bleeding. Late miscarriages are defined as those occurring in between 14 and 20 weeks. Moreover, if you are experiencing odorless white discharge, this may indicate kidney or yeast infection.

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Your baby this week

Week 16 is also a crucial phase for the baby. The immense body changes are making the baby more and more active.

Facial development

The muscles in your baby’s are now reflexing and perhaps this week he or she would start making different expressions. The eyes are now making side to side movements but still sensitive to light. The baby is now able to hold his head upright while the ears have found their permanent destination.

Urinary and circulatory systems

The baby’s inner organs have started working this week that also includes urinary and circulatory system. Believe it or not, the baby’s heart is now pumping around 23 liters of blood every day and this would increase to around 2000 liters a day.


The delicate skeletons of the baby continue to harden. Around this time, the baby would be sucking her thumb or kicking the amniotic sac. The legs are also growing quickly and soon you will start experiencing kicks from inside.

Size, weight and appearance

By the time you enter week 16, your baby has grown up to 5 inches long or the size of an avocado (butterfruit/makhanphal). With the continuous growth spurt, the baby should be weighing around 100 grams, almost double the size of last week.

Healthy eating

The well-being of your child is highly dependent on the food you eat. While many women might have overcome the unusual cravings or aversion for food and smell, some might still feel the same. Irrespective of your situation, healthy eating should be on top priority. Below list of foods should be in your diet schedule this week.

  1. Eat fruits and yogurts which helps in digestion and provide essential nutrients
  2. Have a bit of chocolate to improve your taste and mood
  3. Include a range of vegetables for getting vital nutrients
  4. For those craving for salty foods can get string cheese which is also rich in protein and calcium

Expecting dads

If you haven’t figured out your baby’s name, this is the right time to do this homework. Take out a list of your top favorites and compare that with your wife’s. This important because once you start spreading the news of your pregnancy, many people would ask what you are going to name your baby.

And if you choose to answer these queries, you would perhaps be subjected to various opinions. It is a great idea to work upon the names beforehand as it will let you gently shun the opinions of your friends and relatives no matter what their intention is.


This week is the time to get back to your doctor’s clinic for the next appointment. This prenatal visit is a crucial one as you will go through several tests including:

  1. Urine test for checking gestational diabetes and preeclampsia
  2. Blood pressure
  3. Measuring weight as well as checking fundal height, the distance between your pubic bone and the uterus
  4. Testing amniotic fluid (amniocentesis) for checking chromosomal abnormalities

Tips for the week

As you visit your doctor this week, you will get a bunch of tips to follow. You might be advised to start sleeping on your left side as lying flat on the back in the third trimester might cause shortness of breath. A large blood vessel (vena ceva) which runs along the right side of the spine could be impacted by the uterus and weight of the baby, affecting blood supply.

So the best way is to roll over the left side and place a pillow under your belly and another one between the bent knees. This will support your back and alignment. Besides, don’t forget to add low intensity exercises such as swimming and walking. Also think positive, stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.

A through idea of what you can expect during this phase will always keep you ready to face the challenges you might encounter during pregnancy.

FAQs at 16th week pregnancy

My breast is getting bigger, do I need to worry?

Breast enlargement during this period is totally normal and not a cause of concern. Once you have delivered your child and finished breastfeeding, your breasts will come to normal.

I am experiencing nasal congestion, what should I do?

Your uterus is not the only body part that is swelling, the raging hormones might also cause swelling in the mucous membranes of your nose. As a result, you might feel stuffiness in your nose. Mostly, doctors don’t advise any medications, but if it is truly making your life miserable, the doctor may recommend you nasal spray decongestant. Inhaling steam might also work in this case.


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