Pregnancy Calendar Week 19 – Round Ligament Pain May Start Troubling You

Pregnancy Calendar Week 19 – Round Ligament Pain May Start Troubling You

You are just a few steps away from reaching the halfway point. You must be very excited at this point as you will be taking your baby in your hands very soon. A lot of things are waiting for you this week regarding belly changes and the developing baby. Continue reading to unfold what’s happening this week.

Week 19

At the onset of 19th week, a lot of growth of your baby has been completed and things are going steadily. Your belly is also expanding to accommodate the growing baby inside. At the same time this brings up a lot of changes to your body. You would be quite excited to know whether its baby girl or baby boy.

In fact, you will actually see a lot of body parts in much detail at 19 weeks ultrasound. Also, if you haven’t experienced kicks last week, most likely this week you will feel some flutters.

Your body this week

Pregnant belly and bodyweight

Presently, your body is busy making a temporary household for the growing tenant inside. During the second trimester, most women would feel energetic but some may still have episodes of tiredness. The expanding belly may also lead to the development of a dark line (linea nigra) that runs down the middle of your stomach. But this will fade away a couple of months after delivery.

Your breasts may have grown to as much as two cup size. You must have also gained considerable amount of weight, say around 6 kgs to your total body weight. This is a good sign as you are advised to gain adequate weight, neither more nor less.

Typical symptoms

Currently, you might be experiencing pain in your lower and groin area. But there is nothing to worry about as it is common during second trimester. This may also be a sign that your round ligaments, which connects the front of the uterus to the groin (the region between the abdomen and the thigh on either side of the body) are stretching and thickening to accommodate the growing belly.

Almost every woman experiences this pain, some may describe it as a stabbing pain while some other feel like pulling sensation down their sides and groin. While round ligament pain is not harmful to your body, you should inform your doctor about the intensity and frequency of the pain.

Symptoms of previous weeks

Other symptoms continuing from earlier weeks include:

Symptoms new this week

Some other symptoms you might come across this week include:

  • Backaches
  • Enlarged breasts
  • Leg cramps
  • Hip pain
  • Hot flashes

Complications at 19th week

Round ligament pain should not be confused with something else. For example, if there is a sharp and intensive pain around the belly or the pelvic area and does not resolve within 30-60 minutes, then it could be a hint towards something serious. It may be a sign of preterm labor or preeclampsia. If the stabbing pain is on the right side, it might point towards appendix problem.

So you must listen to your body and always stay calm. If you have history of spontaneous premature delivery, your doctor might suggest progesterone injections between 16-24 weeks. These shots which prevent contractions will continue until 37th week. On the other hand, vaginal progesterone may be administered if you are at the risk of giving premature birth due to short cervix.

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Your baby this week

Your baby is now developing under a protective white, wax-like coating medically called as vernix caseosa. It’s a greasy or oily substance protecting the skin of the baby while it grows. It also acts as a lubrication during the labor and delivery. You might even see some of it at the time of delivery. Other changes in the body include:


The brain of the baby is working for the development of five senses. The nerve cells inside the brain are working to complete the formation of sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell.

Reproductive organs

If the baby inside is a girl, the tiny uterus has already formed and the early ovaries would contain follicles which would hold about six million eggs.

Hair formation

The hair on the top of baby’s head has started to appear. Also, the soft downy hairs over the body known as Lanugo are also forming.

Lungs development

The lungs of your baby which also have an important role to play during delivery are undergoing full-fledged. The main airwaves of the lungs known as bronchioles will start to form this week.


By this time, the baby should have started moving inside and might be more noticeable. You might feel like it’s a gas or flutter but these will only grow stronger with the passage of time. His or her tiny arms are growing proportionate to the rest of the body. But if you still don’t feel that, it’s nothing to worry as you will feel those kicks in a few weeks.

Size, weight and appearance

By the end of this week, your tiny little would grow up to 7 inch in length or the size of a mango. The baby would be weighing around 225 grams at this point of time.

Healthy eating

Since your baby growth is only dependent on the food you eat, you must take very good care of eating healthy. Keep in mind the below essentials in your diet schedule this week.

  1. Add food such as meat, soy, milk and cheese to ramp up the vitamin B production as your baby’s brain is highly dependent on this mineral.
  2. Fruits and leafy green vegetables help control blood pressure and reduce chances of getting anemia
  3. For getting high protein, add lean meat, nuts and also the fish which contains omega-3 fatty acids.
  4. Don’t avoid healthy fats as they are needed for proper development of your baby.
  5. Don’t forget to add calcium rich foods for healthy bone health of your baby

Expecting dads

Since the upcoming baby is a joint venture, the responsibility lies on your shoulder equally. She might be nervous or anxious about the baby kicks which she might not have experienced yet. But it’s not her fault, some little one takes time to show their ninja techniques.

Stay with her and make her strong at this point of time, she might need your support desperately. Continue to offer her healthy snacks, but make sure she doesn’t go on packing kilos.


You must be super excited as the next prenatal visit is just a week ahead. And remember, this ultrasound will be a longer one as compared to your previous one. You might have to visit with the full bladder for quality images, so drink a lot before arriving.

Besides ultrasound scan, the doctor would once again check for your weight. The doctor would also check for fundal height which is the distance from the top of your uterus to the top of your pubic bone. This helps determine growth of your baby.

This is also best time to share information about the stabbing round ligament pain. And also don’t forget to report any unusual vaginal discharge or pain the pelvic area.

Tips for the week

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the memorable journeys in a woman’s life. At the same time, it becomes important on your part to keep yourself safe and be cautious of your diet, environment and other activities. Keep below tips in mind.

  1. Take medications as advised by your doctor
  2. Buy good supporting pillows for getting relief in aches
  3. Do not neglect oral health
  4. Search for childbirth classes for preparing well in advance

FAQs at 19th week of pregnancy

What should I do in case of round ligament pain?

To be honest, there is no way to prevent round ligament pain as almost all women will experience this. However, you can your discomfort by following some techniques such as moving slowly when movement prompts pain. Taking warm bath may also alleviate pain.

I am feeling trouble sleeping at night, what should I do?

The raging hormones and the growing baby is to be blamed, but for good reasons. Don’t sleep on your back as it will create troubles in sleeping. Add some pillows around the stomach and in between the legs for a better sleep.


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