Pregnancy Calendar Week 29 – You Will Experience Increased Movements of the Baby

Pregnancy Calendar Week 29 – You Will Experience Increased Movements of the Baby

You have already stepped into the third trimester and from now on a lot of action will take place inside. As the baby is developing at an incredible rate, his or her activities also increases with the each passing week. Let’s learn more about the happenings of this week.

Week 29

Entering the third trimester is also a sigh of relief for those women who have had history of giving birth to premature babies. This is because the baby if delivered at this point has over 90 percent chances of surviving and living a healthy life if given proper neonatal intensive care.

Your body this week

Pregnant belly and bodyweight

At around this week, pregnant women enters one of the most physically and emotionally challenging phases of pregnancy. Physically because all the factual weight of the baby lies on you and emotionally because the impending birth as well as parenthood hovers around your head.

This time around you will experience a lot of kicks. Those playful jabs and kicks have now become stronger and regular part of your day, at least 10 times in every couple of hours. You might have added 9-12 kgs of weight by this time. This is also the crucial time to increase blood volume needed along with oxygen to be supplied to the rapidly growing baby.

Moreover, if you are feeling dizziness at this point of time, then it might be sign of iron deficiency anemia. Call your doctor and tell about your symptoms.

Typical symptoms

Those ouches, aches and hampered sleep might be on the rise. You are also adding up a lot of weight and with the baby putting more and more pressure on your digestive systems, you are feeling heartburn, indigestion, constipation, frequent urination and pelvic pain. And if you are carrying twins, the things are getting super crowded inside, making symptoms worse. Other discomforts include:

  • Itchy belly
  • Headaches or lightheadedness
  • Stretch marks
  • Shortness of breath
  • Passing hard stools
  • Leg cramps

Complications at 29th week of pregnancy

This is the time when pregnant women have higher chances of getting preeclampsia. The primary cause of preeclampsia is high blood pressure but can also involve changes in functionality of other organs such as liver and kidney. It can prove a life threatening disease if not addressed carefully.

So, make sure you report your doctor any sudden puffiness or swelling on your face, arms and legs. Moreover, if nausea and vomiting which were symptoms of the first trimester affects you at this point of time, this may a sign of preeclampsia.

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Your baby this week

Third trimester is the rapid development phase of fetus. Your little ninja is now practicing more and more skills and will continue to do so until delivery. The baby has also started regulating its own body temperature.

Sensory development

The baby is now responding more to noises and lights of the outer world. All these triggers and even the candy bar you just ate half an hour back will send a message to baby’s brain.

Facial development

This week your baby might begin to smile, especially when he or she is taking a nap. As more fat is being deposited under the skin, the wrinkles are smoothing out.


The baby continues to be active at this stage and it will only increase until and unless you deliver your child. If you are experiencing decrease in movements, don’t forget to call the doctor immediately. The little one continues to hiccup and even you might feel those hiccups in the form of rhythmic taps.

Size, weight and appearance

Your tiny little is now on a growth spree with lots of fat adding up to the overall weight. By the end of 29th week, he or she would be around 15 inches in length and weighs around 1.2 kgs or the size of a pineapple.

Healthy eating

Eating a healthy and well balanced diet is undoubtedly the best way you can get a healthy baby. And as this is the most rapidly developing phase of the baby, it is imperative that you must address the requirements of your little one through nutritious diet.

  1. The baby need more and more blood at this time and that can only be met by consuming iron-rich foods.
  2. Daily calcium intake should be increased as your baby is hardening.
  3. Vitamin C is needed for the development of connective tissue required by the blood vessels. Sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes and grains are some of the good sources
  4. You can have some chocolates or cakes but eating them on a regular basis is certainly not a good idea.

Expecting dads

This would be the time your partner will be busy researching about her labor and delivery. As a to-be-dad, the onus of helping her lies on your shoulder. So, you should discuss what role you can play in this process. Will you be the main source of support? What is the practical information of a birth plan you should know? How will she beat her boredom during the longer labor period?

Ask yourself these questions and do your homework before the day arrives. Also, start thinking about the special moments of fun and play when your baby arrives. This may inculcate a positive feeling inside you.


During pregnancy, a woman is generally checked for anemia at least twice. While the first one may have been done in your initial phase of pregnancy or at your first prenatal visit, the second one would be around this time now. Also, between 24 and 32 weeks, there is surge in blood volume that may increase the likelihood of misdiagnosis. So talk to your doctor about the ins and out of this test.

Perhaps, next week would be your prenatal visit to your doctor’s clinic. You will go through standard procedures of testing including blood pressure, weight, fundal height or even cervical exam if your doctor deems fit.

Tips of the week

Closer you get to your due date, more you have to take care of yourself. Follow below tips this week to maintain healthy pregnancy:

  1. Keep a stock of your diet and supplements as you will now need a lot of nutrients especially calcium
  2. Start stocking up breast pads as your breasts may have started leaking colostrum, the first baby milk
  3. Start pre-planning for childbirth and delivery. Discuss with your doctor what you want at the time of delivery such as managing labor pain, backup plan, baby care, etc.
  4. Drink about 8 glasses of water of everyday

FAQs at 29th week of pregnancy

Are there any complications of inadequate calcium intake?

You must take daily recommended calcium during pregnancy. Failing to meet adequate calcium intake can increase risk of high blood pressure and low birth weight of the baby. In most cases, foods cannot fulfill the daily calcium requirement, so you must take prescribed calcium supplements.

My breasts are becoming bigger and bigger, what should I do?

The best way to support bigger and heavier breasts is to get some good sports bra or nursing bra. Try to put one of them and see if they are comfortable or not.


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