Pregnancy Calendar Week 30 – Early Pregnancy Symptoms Coming Back

Pregnancy Calendar Week 30 – Early Pregnancy Symptoms Coming Back

Just 10 more weeks to go and voila, the baby is in your hands. At week 30, you are steadily moving towards the much-awaited goal. And just like you have crossed the 7 months journey, you will complete the next 2 months target courageously. Scroll down to know what’s brewing inside this week.

Week 30

This is perhaps the best time to get things packed into your maternity bag. The baby is growing faster than ever and this may be the time when symptoms of your first trimester might revisit. But that is nothing in comparison when you look down to your belly and think of the soft murmuring sound you would hear in a couple of months from now.

Your body this week

Pregnant belly and bodyweight

You might have started to feel like a walking belly. There is a reason why your belly has become cumbersome. The tiny little bean you saw in your first ultrasound has now grown to the size of an eggplant. The extra weight you are holding is preventing you from finding a comfortable sleeping position. The lack of sleep might also be affecting your weight.

The body is busy in shaking out the relaxin hormone which is helping you lose ligaments and bones to make an easy exit of the baby at the time of delivery. Also, this hormone in addition to weight gain can make your feet bigger in size. And in fact, this change is permanent and does not reverse once your baby is born.

In the third trimester, you would add about a total of 5 kgs of weight. By this time, you have added a total of 9-10 kgs of weight both the trimester combined. And if you are carrying twins then you must have added in between 12-15 kgs of weight.

Typical symptoms

If you have been experiencing racing heart in past weeks, this time around it is expected to subside. However, the earlier symptoms of your first trimester pregnancy phase such as fatigue and mood swings will return back. Sleeping issue due to baby’s shifting position will now be a permanent problem until delivery. The uptick in frequent urination will continue to trouble you.

Other discomfort will continue to affect you including:

Complications at 30th week of pregnancy

The false contractions or Braxton Hicks might have been troubling you. If it’s not, chances are there you will likely to experience mild contractions at this point. But don’t be panic as it’s just the body’s way of practicing childbirth.

All you need is to pay attention to the frequency of the contractions. If they are progressive and high in intensity then it could be a sign of preterm labor, but it rarely happens.

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Your baby this week

Though things are getting pretty crowded inside, it’s all happening for good. The baby is continuously on a growth spree, major internal organs have been developed while external changes are still going on.

Falling of hair

The soft hair lanugo which has been covering the baby’s body till date will now start to fall at this point. However, some traces of these hairs will remain after birth, especially on the face, back or top of the bum.

Eyes development

The eyes of the baby have started differentiating things around. However, a good amount of time he or she will be spending with closed eyes. Moreover, the eyelashes continue to develop.

Brain development

The brain of the baby is not only growing but also changing in appearance as well. The surface of the brain has started wrinkling, also known as convolutions. This means the brain can now hold more cells.

Size, weight and appearance

The expanding belly is a clear sign that the baby is growing bigger and bigger everyday. By the end of 30th week, expect the baby to be around 15.5 inches in length and weighs around 1.3 kgs or the size of a large ridged gourd (torai).

Healthy eating

You are steadily getting closer to your aim and it just 10 weeks from now for the baby’s arrival. This is the fastest growing phase of your baby as he or she will be likely to put about 200 grams of weight every week from now. So, the healthy diet should continue to be part of your daily schedule.

  1. Fruit juices which are rich in vitamin C
  2. Have dry fruits and nuts for the proper brain development of your child
  3. You are at currently at the peak of iron need, so have iron-rich foods such as lean meat or beans if you are a non-vegetarian
  4. Apart from dairy products, broccoli and spinach are also rich in calcium
  5. Eggs are complete protein, don’t forget to add them in your diet

Expecting dads

Although, you are devoid of the ability of breastfeeding the baby, there are a lot of things you can do to help your partner. You should start watching videos on how to sooth a crying baby and how to change a diaper. Often women are affected by postpartum depression and if you can learn these things, it would shed off a lot of load from your partner.

Also, start searching for a pediatrician as you will be requiring one very soon.


Women who have an uncomplicated pregnancy won’t be going through 30 weeks ultrasound. Around this week, you might be ordered to undergo a biophysical profile of your baby. This includes a combination of ultrasound and non-stress test. In the non-stress test, the doctor will put sensors on your belly and determine the baby’s heart rate and your contractions.

If everything goes fine, then the doctor will rule out fetal distress. Also, you might be suggested to avoid travel around week 32 or else you would be at the risk of premature labor. So, rap up any urgent work you have before the travel window closes.

Tips for the week

You are steadily getting near the finish line. Things are not only getting excited but also nervous right to some extent. Follow below tips to keep you and your baby safe and healthy:

  1. Buy pregnancy pillow for better sleep
  2. Talk to your doctor in advance and figure out exact details of your birthing plan
  3. Continue taking prenatal supplements, especially folic acid and calcium
  4. Practice a hospital run

FAQs at 30th week of pregnancy

Why my belly itches so much?

As your skin stretches, it can induce itching. Don’t scratch it as it may become worse. You can ask your partner to apply a massage moisturizer over the bump before you go to bed. You can also ask for some ointment from your healthcare provider.

Are surgical incisions necessary to enlarge vaginal opening during delivery?

This procedure is known as episiotomy and it used to be a normal part of delivery. However, in recent times this surgical incision has become less common. Ask your healthcare provider if this is absolutely necessary apart from side effects and other complications.


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