Pregnancy Calendar Week 7 – Baby’s Heartbeat Can Be Heard On Ultrasound

Pregnancy Calendar Week 7 – Baby’s Heartbeat Can Be Heard On Ultrasound

The excitement is getting better with each passing week. At present, you might be wondering what the things would be like as your baby has started growing inside will full flow. Many more things are going this week. Read on to know more.

Week 7

Each week is a step closer to see your baby in your hands. In the seventh week of pregnancy, you will begin to notice a lot of changes to your body. The hormones are in full motion. You will feel pregnant but you won’t look like by the face of your tummy. But no matter your outside appearance, there are big changes happening inside.

Your body this week


Even though you have not started to show external pregnancy signs, you may notice you have put on a few pounds. A lot is happening in the area of the cervix, the narrow passage that connects the lower end of the uterus to the vagina. The elevation in the hormone levels and blood flow increases the production of cervical mucus known as leucorrhea. It’s a thin milky-white odorless discharge which you might be noticing this week.

This white discharge will gather and gradually become a clump which will eventually turn into a plug of mucus. This plug will seals off opening of the cervix to prevent the bacteria from invading the uterus. Once you are in labor and the cervix dilates (widens), your body will eject this plug.

Typical symptoms

Even if you are evading the spread of the breaking news, your little one growing inside is certainly telling that. Not in words, but in the form of so many pregnancy symptoms like that irritating nausea and vomiting all around the day.

You must have heard about that ‘pregnancy glow’ people use to talk about, it’s not a myth. That glow on your face might be the only obvious physical sign of your pregnancy right now. This could occur because of the increased blood flow and elevated hormone levels during this phase. However, not all the women are that lucky.

If you haven’t started experiencing symptoms, you will likely to experience below things:

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Your baby this week

Your little one has now more defined facial features with the eyes, ears, mouth, nostrils and brain cells developing at the rate of 100/minute. By this week, the umbilical cord which will provide nourishment and oxygen to your baby has been formed. The kidneys of your baby are in place now and are ready to begin their duty of waste management.

But perhaps, the most exciting development this week is that the heartbeat of your baby has started knocking. It is worth noting on an ultrasound, however, it won’t be audible as of yet. At this time, the fetal heart is beating 90-100 times per minute.

Size and appearance

Though the 7 weeks baby size is around quarter to an inch long, it has doubled in size since the last week. It now looks as big as a blueberry. Besides, the arms and legs have also started to emerge and the arm bud that formed last week now looks like tiny paddles that are webbed. The baby would probably start making its first movement this week.

Healthy eating

Tracking your pregnancy status while eating a healthy and balanced diet is extremely important. While continuing taking foods high in folate, include below things to your diet this week:

  • Add 3-5 servings of vegetables every day including mix of spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, pumpkin, red and yellow peppers and carrots
  • Include 3-4 servings fresh fruits, should be preferred instead of preserved or canned ones as they may contain harmful bacteria
  • 3 servings of dairy products including milk, yogurt, and cheese
  • Add 2-3 servings of iron-rich diet in the form of meat, eggs, and poultry. You can also choose lentils and beans for your protein requirement
  • Have a handful of nuts and crackers
  • Add at least three servings of whole grains and avoid refined products

Expecting dads

You, as an about to be father know that she is pregnant. She might want to share something about changes going on in her body. So, just make sure you make some positive comments at this point of time. It can make her feel self-conscious.

Moreover, she would be direly craving for crackers right now. You might also notice that she would avoid certain foods, so don’t question her pickiness. Whatever food she is averting, try to keep them off the menu.


The first prenatal visit for many women is still a week away. This would be a longer session where you and your gynecologist will work upon a lot of things. For instance, you would be ordered for blood and urine test as well as Pap Smear test.

Many women would be facing ultrasound this week, especially women with multiple pregnancies. They would be able to view their uterus and know what’s brewing inside. Many babies will start registering their heartbeats on the ultrasound.

Tips for the week

While your baby is still there for over 7 months, meanwhile you have to take utmost care of yourself. Follow these tips this week to stay healthy:

  1. Wear a comfortable bra to ease soreness
  2. Keep yourself hydrated, have at least 8 glasses per day is recommended. Toss some mint, ginger or cucumber into the water.
  3. If constipation is affecting your lifestyle, increase the intake of insoluble fiber
  4. Take adequate rest
  5. Avoid spicy food as it would create heartburn
  6. Strictly keep off alcohol and smoking
  7. Start prenatal exercise, yoga and walking are great options

Pregnancy is a nine-month ordeal about swollen ankles and aching backs. At the same time, it is the moment to experience wonderful changes going inside your womb. So enjoy your pregnancy and don’t let stress take a toll on your emotional well-being.

Also, as many complications including ectopic pregnancy and miscarriages are common in the first trimester, you need to take extra care of any unusual signs and symptoms. These include abnormal vaginal bleeding, low blood pressure, dizziness and lightheadedness, and severe pelvic pain. Call the doctor if you experience such symptoms.


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