Pregnancy Calendar Week 9 – Bloating and Breast Soreness Increases

Pregnancy Calendar Week 9 – Bloating and Breast Soreness Increases

During the ninth week of your pregnancy, you and your baby are getting through tremendous changes. From excitement to anxiety, fear and various body symptoms, you will experience a lot of things this week. Scroll down and read what’s waiting up for you this week.

Week 9

Your baby has gone past the embryo stage and has matured to a status of a fetus. It is now looking more like a human and less of a reptile. If you haven’t visited your doctor last week, then it will be the right time for your first prenatal visit. At this critical juncture, you might begin to show some physical signs as well.

Your body this week


At 9th week which is also the third month of your first trimester, many women will struggle buttoning their jeans. This is because the uterus is expanding and growing out of the pelvis in order to adjust the growing baby which has now doubled in size.

In terms of weight gain, as many women get so much overwhelmed due to morning sickness, they might be losing the weight instead of gaining it. Some of them might experience severe nausea and vomiting which might require medical treatment. However, minor weight loss is normal in this phase.

Typical symptoms

Right now, the pregnancy hormones are raging through the body at its peak level. The old symptoms will continue to disturb you, while there might be some more additions.

Symptoms continuing from past few weeks

The symptoms you have experienced till date will likely to continue this week as well.

New signs and symptoms

The increased progesterone levels might give you some new symptoms this week:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Bloating and slow digestion
  • Increase in breast size
  • Breast itchiness
  • Increase in breast soreness

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Your baby this week

This week the embryonic traces such as tail have finally disappeared and your baby looks more like a human. This is because the tail located at the bottom of the spinal has shrunk and nearly disappeared. By the end of this week the essential organs including the digestive system will continue to develop.

Facial features

The tip of your baby’s nose has now developed. The eyelids are completely formed while the ears which started developing in the last week continue to develop. The tip of the nose can now be seen on profile.

Body and muscles

The muscles are rapidly developing so are the shoulders, elbows, knees, wrist and ankles. In fact, the baby will start testing out his or her arms and legs and it can be seen on an ultrasound, however, you won’t feel your tiny dancer at least for a month from now.

Heart, digestive and nervous system

The digestive system has started lengthening the intestines while the nerves are also growing rapidly. The heart has now divided into 4 different chambers with the valves started to develop as well. The anus is also taking its shape.

Reproductive system

Though until now the genitals were ‘unisex’, during this week the male or female genitalia will start to form. However, it can’t be figured out on an ultrasound as of yet.

Size and appearance

The size of the baby this week ranges between 1 and 1.5 inch long. It now weighs about 2-3 grams and as big as a cherry or the size of a grape.

Healthy eating

At this stage, it is necessary to eat a safe and balanced diet. Here some tips along these lines.

  • Have 2-3 servings of fish excluding swordfish (tega) due to its higher mercury content
  • Continue adding protein diet, vegetables and fruits in your daily schedule
  • Add whole foods such as grains, legumes and nuts to your diet
  • Continue 2-3 servings of dairy products to your diet

Expecting dads

If you and your partner visited the doctor last week for the first prenatal check-up and if she is experiencing a normal pregnancy, the doctor might have told you to continue having sex. In fact, you can continue love making for the rest of the pregnancy if your wife is ok with it.

However, if she is experiencing breast tenderness, fatigue or nausea, she would avoid having sex. This is the period where she would be going through extreme mood swings. So the key here is to communicate how she is feeling well in advance. Also, work together to find other alternatives for staying close to each other physically and emotionally.


Typically, the first prenatal meeting with the doctor will happen between 8-12 weeks. So by now if you haven’t visited your gynecologist, the time might have arrived for the first visit. As baby remains no longer an embryo, you will be able to catch a glimpse of your little one. The doctor will make this easier for you by pointing out gestational sac, fetal pole and the yolk sac.

The pregnancy ultrasound will also confirm if the pregnancy is uterine or ectopic. The heartbeat would be detected by this week and once it’s confirmed, the chances of miscarriage will come down to merely 3 percent. And in upcoming weeks, this will be much lower.

Tests that you can expect this week include:

  • Blood test for checking of hormones levels, blood count, blood type and evaluating certain diseases
  • Urine test for evaluating protein levels
  • Pap smear test to check for any chromosomal abnormalities or sexually transmitted diseases
  • Genetic tests including non-invasive prenatal testing and Chorionic villus sampling. This is for women who are older than 35 years of age and family history of genetic conditions

Tips for the week

For a healthy pregnancy, it is necessary to seek prenatal care and by this time, you must have sought that. Below tips can further help you in maintaining healthy pregnancy this week.

  1. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  2. Continue taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid supplements recommended by your doctor
  3. Avoid unpasteurized dairy products
  4. Wash your fruits and vegetables before eating
  5. Don’t have more than two caffeinated drinks per day
  6. Avoid undercooked eggs and meat
  7. For itchiness and sore breasts, take lotions containing menthol and camphor
  8. Wear a supportive bra containing deep band in cups and wide shoulder straps
  9. If avoiding spicy and greasy foods is not helping you in heartburn, try antacids

While risk of pregnancy loss reduces by the end of 9th week, you still have to remain cautious about various sign and symptoms. If you are experiencing foul vaginal smell, bleeding or cramping, pain during urination and pain in pelvis, you must call the doctor right away.

For you, week nine might not be different from the previous one, but the baby inside is developing rapidly. So take care, eat healthy and try to include some exercise to keep off stress.


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