Reasons Behind Stretch Marks And How To Prevent It

Reasons Behind Stretch Marks And How To Prevent It

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful gifts women have been bestowed by the creator. While pregnancy is something ecstatic for them, for some it comes with mild challenges and one of those is the appearance of stretch marks. This condition develops in more than half of the women.

While stretch marks are not painful, it can cause irritation in some women as a result of tingling or itching. Stretch marks are common at the end of pregnancy. Technically, it occurs due to the separation of collagen of the skin. 

Stretch marks appear typically on the lower abdomen but they can also appear on breasts, arms, thighs, and bums. The marks are often reddish and purple but they tend to fade after childbirth.

What causes stretch marks or who gets it?

There are several reasons why you get stretch marks. Some reasons are mentioned below:

Family history

Check out whether your mom had experienced stretch marks, this is one the best things to find out the cause. If your mother got it, you are likely to get that too.

Stretch marks in puberty

If you developed stretch marks during your puberty, you are most likely to get them during pregnancy.

Multiple Pregnancies

Some fortunate women get pregnant with multiple babies, but unfortunately, they are also prone to stretch marks. Because the bigger the uterus and abdomen is, the more it stretches.

Weight Gain

Excessive weight gain during pregnancy will end you up getting more stretch marks. According to experts, if woman gains 11-13 kgs during pregnancy, they are less likely to get, otherwise more than that would cause them to develop stretch marks.

How can we prevent stretch marks?

Honestly, stretch marks are not completely preventable but you have some degree of influence. There are several products and marketing gimmicks around them telling people to buy these products and prevent stretch marks. 

This is just hype and there is no scientific backing. But on the other hand, there are some tips that can let you prevent stretch marks right to some extent.

  • Drink a good amount of water during pregnancy.
  • Keep your belly moisturized
  • Eat well-nourished diet
  • Avoiding rapid or excessive weight gain

Removing Stretch Marks

Now, this is something every woman with stretch marks would love to read. While some stretch marks tend to become fade with the time and turn into silvery lines, in some cases it would remain dark. 

However, according to some experts, for best results, one should treat these marks when they are in the reddish color stage. Before using any cream or lotion, do consult your dermatologist.

Majority of the women folk will happily overlook stretch marks when they consider bringing the miracle of life, their baby, to this world. So, the bottom line is, do what you can do in pregnancy to avoid these stretches and don’t worry too much as stress can affect your child. Many women wear these stretch marks as a badge of honor. Why can’t you?