Reasons For Late Periods Other Than Pregnancy

Reasons For Late Periods Other Than Pregnancy

So you are damn sure you are not pregnant and still you are wondering why you missed your periods. Late periods occur for a number of reasons. In fact, there are at least two times in every woman’s life that she would probably be facing irregularities in her monthly periods, one is when it begins i.e. at the time of puberty and second when she reaches her last stage of menstruation cycle i.e menopause. This happens when your body goes through a transition.

What obstructing my regular periods?

I am not pregnant, not in puberty stage and not even close to menopause, then what obstructing my regular periods? These are some obvious queries that would pop up in the mind but there are many reasons besides these, they are from mild to severe. We will discuss them one by one.

You are taking stress

Hormonal imbalance is one of the key reasons for not getting regular periods. This happens when you take stress that leads to irregularities in periods. Why? Your brain is responsible for regulating your periods with the help of hormones. When you take stress it can lead to sudden weight gain or loss, impacting your regular cycle.

Your body weight is low

Eating disorders such as bulimia (binge-eating syndrome) or anorexia is one of the reasons behind missed periods in women. If you weigh below 10 percent of the range of your normal height, it can drastically change your bodily functions including abnormality in periods. Similarly, participating in extreme exercises may also stop periods.

You are obese

If you are on the reverse side of the situation mentioned above i.e. have put on extra weight, then you will probably be missing your periods as obesity affects hormonal balance.

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You are taking birth control pills

You might not have plans for a child but even if you stopped taking birth control pills and missed your periods, don’t get panic because it can take up to six months to resume back that normal cycle after stopping the pills.

You are close to menopause

Women normally experience menopause during 45-55 years of age. But when you start developing symptoms around 40 and missing your periods, it indicates that you might be suffering from peri-menopause or early menopause. In simple words, it means your egg supply is degrading and you will soon face menopause or end of your periods.

You have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

It’s a condition causing your body to release male hormone androgen resulting in the formation of cysts on ovaries eventually making ovulation irregular or stopping it completely.

You are suffering from chronic disease

Diabetes and celiac disorders can also have an impact on your regular menstrual cycle. Though cases of poorly controlled diabetes affecting periods are rare, still it can cause irregularities in periods. On the other hand, celiac disease causes inflammation of intestines preventing your body to absorb essential nutrients. This can also cause late periods in women.

You have thyroid issues

Thyroid regulates body’s mechanism and if you have underactive or overactive thyroid level, it can affect your hormonal imbalance and cause irregularities in periods.

Are there any symptoms?

Consult a doctor immediately if you see following signs. He can help diagnose and start treatment immediately.

Some lifestyle changes may also cause irregularity in periods. Seek professional help to get your body in good health again.


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