Relation Between Weight Training And Chronic Health Problems

Relation Between Weight Training And Chronic Health Problems

Many people assume that weight training is only for those people who are either interested in looking big and buff or for those who hanker after body weight loss. But they aren’t aware of the fact that weight training has various other advantages, especially the benefits it can bring to chronic health problems.


  • Weight training offers numerous advantages to people with chronic health conditions
  • It helps treat cardiovascular, diabetes, respiratory and other chronic conditions better
  • Weight training should be done after consulting with the doctor and under the proper supervision of expert

If you are suffering from some chronic disease, weight training can be a great tool to treat your long term disease and improve your day to day functionality. Here we will mention briefly about the relation of weight training and chronic disorders and the benefits attached to it.

Weight Training and Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease covers the disorders related to heart and blood vessels such as heart attack, heart failure and stroke. Several researches till date have proved that strength training greatly contributes in the improvement of cardiovascular disease. With proper supervision, it has shown various benefits.

  • Builds strength and mobility
  • Helps in reduction of LDL or "Bad Cholesterol" and increase in HDL or "Good Cholesterol"
  • It complements to aerobic training
  • Better management of blood pressure
  • Less fat around the heart

Weight Training and Diabetes

Today, strength training has become one of the great tools to manage diabetes. It is now often been recommended as part of the overall diabetes management plan.

  • It helps the body maintain insulin better
  • Improvement in glucose control
  • Weight loss
  • Reduction in medication as compared to non-exercise group

Weight training and Osteoporosis

Though osteoporosis is common in both the genders, the effects are more drastic and visible in women. Due to decrease in bone strength, women are more likely to face bone fractures and breaks. Both aerobic and resistance training exercises have positive effects on bones.

  • Lifting weight increases bone density, especially in the spine and hips
  • It helps prevent bone loss
  • It helps maintain strong muscles that keeps balance and coordination

Weight Training and Lung Function

Your respiratory health affects your ability to breathe. In recent times, strength training has been successfully tried on people with lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). There are several respiratory benefits of strength training.

  • It increases the strength of respiratory muscles
  • Increases the capacity and tolerance of lungs
  • Lungs become more efficient in delivering oxygen to the blood and removes carbon dioxide waste

Weight Training and Depression

Exercise has both physiological and psychological benefits. Several studies have found that strength training reduces depression symptoms more than what counseling does. If you are suffering from feeling down at times or with serious depression, you can find solace in weight training.

  • It releases feel good hormones called as endorphins
  • Feeling of accomplishment after workout
  • Increases the level of endurance
  • The diet plan that goes with training keeps you mentally fit
  • Improvement in sleeping patterns
  • Mood enhancement

Weight Training and Arthritis

Irrespective of the age, people with arthritis have found strength training as an effective tool in treating arthritis. On the face of it, some might see strength training or weight lifting as opposite to arthritis, but it is not the case. Several studies have proved that people suffering from either osteoarthritis or autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis, have benefitted from strength training.

  • It increases lower limb strength
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Support and protects joints
  • Helps you move better
  • Reduces pain

Cancer and Strength Training

According to some researches, moderate resistance training has helped cancer survivor or patients recovering from cancer. Other studies conducted have shown that breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy post-surgery have benefitted from strength training.

  • It increases strength
  • Increases range of motion and balance
  • Minimizes the effect of cancer treatment

Gone are the days when strength training was associated only with bodybuilding. With the amount of researches conducted in this field and still going on, we can say weight training can be beneficial in a number of chronic diseases. The above mentioned are just a few of the chronic conditions.

But it is extremely important to consult your doctor before taking any sort of decision in terms of weight training. You may or may not be fit for the purpose.