Sex And Aging – How Sex Life Changes In Men And Women With Age?

Sex And Aging – How Sex Life Changes In Men And Women With Age?

Sure you have heard a lot about weakening libido that can put a halt on your sex life as you age. This especially stands correct in the later years of life. Many people buy into the notion that older people do not have sex or sexuality is overlooked when we talk about elder people. But the truth is many older people remain sexually lively throughout their lives. It’s not that doom and gloom for them.

Sex and Aging – Why relationship still important in old age?

Love overcomes all ages and intimate relationship is a logical continuance to romantic infatuation.What’s more important is the intimacy and proper connection in later years of life. However, the prediction of sexual interest in old age can be figured out through frequency of sex when you were young. If intimacy and connection were at peak at the age of 30, it should probably be strong at the age of 60.

Also, in old age, attachment may become more important than attraction.Most of the people in this age measure their relationship pleasure in terms of warmth or affection, commitment and security rather than sexual gratification.So, learning more about causes and sexual habits can help you take proper steps to enjoy healthy sex life as you get older.

Why and how sexual desire and behavior changes as you age?

Decline in sexual intimacy and behavior is different in both men and women. These include sexual dysfunctions which also affects genitals of both men and women. Let’s take them one by one:

In older men

  • Decreased production of testosterone hormone which means less sperm production
  • Erections take longer time due to decreased blood flow to the penis
  • Recovery time between erections increases to up to 24 hours
  • Erection may not be as hard as it was at young age
  • Reduction in force of ejaculation
  • Lack of desire resulting from medications or emotional problems
  • Poor general health or chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and urinary incontinence

In older women

However, despite the above reasons, sexual activity such as oral sex, kissing and fondling may continue to be a part of life. Moreover, some illnesses or disabilities may force a person to try a different position for sex. This can be displeasing to others while others take delight in it.

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Treatment – How can we maintain satisfying sex life in old age?

That’s the most obvious question after this discussion as to how can we improve sex life with age? The below strategies may help you go the extra mile.

Stay sexually fit – Give yourself pleasure

Many researches say men who undergo frequent penile stimulation are able to maintain erection better. On the other hand, women who perform regular genital or clitoral stimulation may have better self-lubrication. So expand your view on sex. It is not merely a physical exercise or achieving pleasure through intercourse. If you don’t want to give pleasure yourself, ask your partner to do the job for you.

Outercourse – Think over vaginal penetration

Outercourse is a term that means sexual intimation without vaginal penetration. It’s all about pleasure and connection to each other. So, relax and enjoy the immense experience of sensual touching, kissing, fondling and oral sex. Petting and discussing sexual fantasies can also be a great alternative to sex.

Expand your communication – Share sexual feedback

Don’t let your sex life change as you age. Improve your communication by sharing your fears, thoughts, and desires with your partner. Maybe you can get rid of discomfort and make your sex life better. It could be new position or new type of sexual activity you may want to perform. One of you might feel embarrassed but remember, if you are communicating properly, you are already a step ahead in improving your sexual life.

Bring changes to sexual routine – Timing is important

At a younger age, you might have been sexually active even if you were tired, but this may not be the case as you get older. Change your time of intimacy, move your sex at a time when you are full of energy. Try having sex in the morning after getting strength from a good night sleep.

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Control your expectations – You are no longer a sex machine

The fact remains old age brings a lot of changes including weakness to your body. Do not expect yourself to be sex machine. This is especially applicable to people who were not sexually active at their young age. If your communication level and interesting talks were not there in the young age, it would continue in the old age as well. So don’t expect energetic sex in old age.

You may need doctor’s help

There are so many ways a doctor can help you in maintaining the aura of sexual intimacy. Talk to your doctor if you have any underlying condition. Many people suffer from insomnia and don’t know it is hurting their sex life. Moreover, old people are also prone to sexually transmitted diseases such as genital warts, chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc.So make sure you are practicing safe sex.

Bottom Line

Change in sexual desire and behavior is a normal part of old age. However, physical intimacy is as important for older people as for the young. Staying sexually fit, expanding communication and change in your sexual routine may bring a lot of improvement in your sex life.

Also eating healthy, taking good sleep and exercising regularly can make a world of difference. Last but not the least, safe sex is extremely important irrespective of your age.