Signs of Puberty In Preteen Girls – What Parents Can do?

Signs of Puberty In Preteen Girls – What Parents Can do?

Your beautiful little princess is growing up and turning into an adult. From a helpless infant to a cuddly little toddler to a blossoming tween, your little one is currently in an important phase of life. Puberty is an important transition which has to be faced by every single child out there.

During puberty, a girl experiences several changes in her well-being and these changes denote her journey into the adulthood. So, as a parent, knowing everything well in advance can bring peace of mind and help your little girl go through physical and emotional changes easily.

Signs of puberty – When do girls hit puberty?

While some puberty signs take time to develop, other signs might be experienced overnight. For complete puberty, it may take up to 4 years for your daughter to pass through all the phases. Typically, where a boy experiences puberty between the age of 9 and 14, a girl may experience puberty a little early at the age of 8-12 years.

When your daughter undergoes this phase, she should be aware of everything that would be happening to her. Talk to her and share these signs so she is able to handle it properly, especially when she is at school or away from home.

Physical changes in preteen girls during puberty

  • A rapid phase of growth when you see your daughter looks taller as compared to the boys in her class.
  • Development of breasts characterized by swelling under the nipples
  • Curved body shape when the fat starts accumulating around the hips and thighs.
  • Growth of hair in the armpits, in the pubic area and on the legs.
  • Increase in the production of oil gland which in turn, changes the body odor as well as breakouts on skin. Some might start using deodorants.
  • Growth of acne due to increase in hormone production.
  • The first periods can be experienced around 12 years of age.

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Are there any emotional changes a girl face in puberty?

  • Interest or feeling of romance
  • Changes in mood characterized by sadness, irritability, spells of anger and other emotional changes.
  • Finding difficulty sleeping at night due to flow of hormones throughout the body
  • Social anxiety or fear of interaction with people as girls feel unsure about their condition
  • Eating disorders

Girl’s reaction when puberty hits

This is one of the most crucial parts of the discussion. The reaction will depend from girl to girl and the environment they are being raised up. Some girls may feel excited;some might wish they did not have to deal with the changes going on their bodies.

Make sure during this phase your daughter gets all the emotional support from you and doesn’t feel like it’s a big deal. Also, explain to them that it is a normal part of growth and faced by every girl.

Tips - What can parents do when puberty hits their preteen?

Opening up all the communications channels is a good start to deal with this phase. This would help them get through this transition smoothly.

Prepare in advance to answer her questions

A lot of questions would be storming through her brain, so expect your daughter coming up with a lot of questions on what is happening. Be prepared to answer all of them.

Be the first to start the conversation

Many parents, especially in the conventional or orthodox environment avoid talking on the subjects of puberty and sex. They typically leave this topic to be handled by peers and teachers. That should not be the case. She has been in a strong relationship with you right from infancy, so it is important on your part to start the conversation if she is afraid.

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Use indirect approach

While talking, try indirect approach as opposed to direct questions you used to ask her when she was a child. Be an active listener and your daughter will certainly realize that this is the right place to put questions and get the right answers.

Do not feel rejected with their newly discovered independence 

Each kid is a different individual. Your daughter might turn away from you when puberty hits her. She may rely more on her friends, so don’t feel their withdrawal as a form of rejection. Some parents with low tolerance may end up alienating their children for being too inquisitive. If she is not willing to talk, give her space and don’t push it.

Keep an eye on her body and attitude

In today’s busy life we might not get the time to look each and every aspect of children carefully. Spare some time more frequently and looks for body changes or attitude of your daughter.

Do parents need doctor?

If you really have questions or concerns about puberty in preteen, you can talk to a doctor for handy advice. Sometimes, puberty might be late at around 15 years of age. Though it’s normal, in some cases there could be underlying condition for the delay such as eating disorders, stress, hormonal changes, etc.

So if you are worried, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.