Slumped In The Bedroom? Try These Libido Boosting Foods To Rekindle Your Sex Life

Slumped In The Bedroom? Try These Libido Boosting Foods To Rekindle Your Sex Life

If you are like many other people worldwide who have lost spice in sex life, you are perhaps on the right place. Just one major change in your lifestyle can make a world of difference in the bedroom. And what is that change? It’s the food you eat.

The connection between sex and food has been known for a long time. There are certain foods that have the potential to boost sexual desire and some even can repair sexual dysfunctions. So let’s talk about those healthy and sexy foods that can help you get back in your groove. We have divided these foods into veg and non-veg categories for better understanding.

Vegetarian foods

Spinach – Increases blood flow

Think of Popeye for a while and you will realize the magical benefits of this super food. Spinach is full of magnesium which is needed to repair the inflammation of the blood vessels and at the same time, mends blood flow. Men would see their erection coming naturally while women will find orgasm to be easier than before.

Tip – Spinach can be cooked or can be sprinkled on salad dressings.

Dark chocolate – The great mood booster

Experts opine that about 20 percent of erection problems in men are due to stress and anxiety of performance. Chocolate enhances the serotonin hormone which is considered a mood-boosting hormone. Not only this, the phytochemicals present in the dark chocolate also relaxes blood vessels and improved blood circulation so that it reaches the right areas of the body including brain and sex organs.

Tip – To spice things up in the bed eat 50 grams of dark chocolate at night.

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Walnuts – A sexy snack

If you want to go nuts in the bed, then start adding some walnuts in your diet from today. Instead of those unhealthy candies, snack on some walnuts which are rich in alpha-linolenic acid, a type of omega-3 fatty acids. Walnuts are also great energy boosters as they are full of protein. They also contain L-ariginine amino acid which helps create nitric oxide, a natural gas that maintains erection in men.

Tip – Mix some walnuts in your yogurt or toss a handful of them in your pocket to munch at work.

Chia and pumpkin seeds – For those looking for long distance relationship

If you are one of those looking for extended time in the bed, just add these nutritional superstars to your diet and then see the results. Where chia seeds (a type of tulsi seed) are rich in protein and fiber, the pumpkin seed (kaddu beej) on the other hand contains high amount of zinc and magnesium, both which are proven to boost testosterone levels.

Pumpkin seeds are also rich in polysaturated fatty acids shown to improve prostaglandins, a hormone-like substance that helps in smooth muscle activity and metabolism.

Tip – Simply pepper these seeds over your smoothies and yogurt before romping around in the bed.

Garlic – A natural blood thinner

You might have been warned by your mother not to have garlic before your date due to its strong smell. It is believed ancient people use garlic for boosting their stamina. While they didn’t have science to confirm this, today, it has been proven that this herb is not only a natural blood thinner but also prevents high blood pressure, high cholesterol and formation of nanoplaques inside the walls of arteries. And yes, this also includes arteries that lead to the penis.

Moreover, the anticoagulant properties ensure sufficient blood flow to your lower parts.

Tip - Both the partners can be benefitted from a healthy dose of garlic before the romantic evening. Add this kitchen staple to your diet thrice a week.

Coffee – A natural aphrodisiac

Researches have found that caffeine present in coffee is good for healthy libido, especially in women. The caffeine has properties similar to that of Viagra that triggers a range of effects in the arteries of the penis, which in turn, relaxes the arteries and increase blood flow. So maybe now the Starbucks coffee is worth making a visit.

However, there are pros and cons of coffee, so we must always take a middle route while consuming this beverage.

Tip – Grab a cup of cappuccino and get ready for a long exciting night.

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Non-vegetarian foods

Salmon fish – Raises dopamine levels

Salmon (rawas) fish is a rich source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. It improves blood circulation in the body, and in case, the blood flowing to the genitals. If you can’t find salmon, you can also opt for tuna which also enhances the sexual experience. Besides overflowing with omega-3 fatty acids, salmon can raise dopamine levels which make you feel more relaxed at play.

Tip – Grill a salmon steak at home for to get the most out of those fun-loving moments.

Eggs – Sets your pants on fire

Want to have morning sex? Go for egg breakfast. Eggs contain powerful natural chemical known as choline that boosts the production of nitric oxide which helps maintain erection. Bonus benefit of having eggs is that it is rich in vitamin B5 and B6 which balances the hormones levels and counter stress, both are essential in the bedroom.

Tip – Choose anything from hard-boiled, omelettes or scrambled eggs in the breakfast.

Beef and chicken – Maintains desire for longer

Adding a variety of meat such as beef and chicken can improve your performance in the bed. These animal foods are zinc powerhouses and contain amino acids like L-ariginine and carnitine which are helpful in constant blood flow and improvement in sexual response.

Tip – Grill beef steak or roast chicken to keep your sex drive thriving.

If your love-life is missing the zing, having these foods can spark the lacklustre appetite for sex. Besides, don’t ignore regular exercise, it not only improves your look and make you feel better but also enhances your sex life as well.