Start Thinking like A Genius – Tips for Enhancing Brain Health

Start Thinking like A Genius – Tips for Enhancing Brain Health

From school going children to the senior adults, mental health and focus is crucial for everyone. Fitness of brain should work upon two major doctrines; variety and curiosity. If something becomes second nature to you, it’s time to move to a new dimension to get the best exercise for your brain. It will help keep the brain efficient and work faster.

Below ideas can help you out in maintaining the mental fitness you are searching after.


Good for spirituality, meditation calm the nerves reduce the stress that keeps on coming into our lives. It is one of the greatest brain exercises that takes a person to a different state of mind and keep engaging the brain in new domains. Meditation is anti-depression and anti-anxiety that taught you how to stay calm in every situation.

Play logical games

It’s nothing wrong to be a child every day, even video games can boost up your memory and speed of thinking and acting. Other games such as crosswords, scrabble and Sudoku are logic-based games that tease and challenge your brain on every turn. Spend at least 15 minutes to play these indoor games and you will see the change.

Turn your TV off

While tv might have advantages and in fact, most of the video games are played on television, excess of staring on this electronic box can cause more harm than benefit you. Spend more time in other activities to divert your mind and your stagnant body.

Brain boosting physical exercises

Exercises doesn’t benefit just your body, it is equally great for your brain too. Everytime you move your body, the brain learns a new skill such as estimating distance and practicing balance. In a study, it was found that people who did at least 68 minutes of moderate physical exercises every day were better at metabolizing glucose which is a sign of healthy brain. Try variety of aerobic exercises such as swimming and running to boost your brain health.

Practice story telling

Sometime, it’s good to be nostalgic as recalling events and sharing them with family and friends can solidify memories. Practice story telling both old and new and interpret them in such a way that they are engaging and compelling to the audience.

Listen to inspiring music

If you really want to engage your senses and improve you energy levels, then there is nothing great than listening to music. The power of music improves the mental focus and this thing is well documented in several researches. Music sharpens your concentration and encourages creativity and a wonderful exercise for your brain.

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Read different things

Books are the best portable friends you can have by your side. They are filled with interesting information, characters and facts of various cultures and peoples. Reading puts your brain to workout with every page your turn. As per a study, reading helps process information both verbally and visually in an effective manner. So, start reading today and learn a new thing on every page to keep the brain busy exercising in the background.

Learn new skills

Learning new skill frequently engages multiple areas of your brain. From cooking, playing a new sport, debating and singing, to building an aeroplane out of paper or toothpicks, every challenge you take, it gives your brain opportunities to work upon.

Eat healthy for your brain

It’s a famous quote that “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”. To power up the brain you have to feed it with healthy foods. Have foods such as almonds, walnuts, salmon fish, dark chocolate, broccoli and olive oil to sharpen your memory.

These are not hardcore changes, but simple tricks that can really turn your brain into powerhouse. Try to give them a shot.


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