Want Stronger Arms? Why Not Try These 5 Yoga Poses?

Want Stronger Arms? Why Not Try These 5 Yoga Poses?

Lifting weight regularly and not seeing the desired results you hoped for, can be quite frustrating. In fact, spending hours in gym is not the only way to get stronger and sleek arms. Yoga being one of the popular forms of exercises today can give a new ray of hope for those who want strong and sculpted arms.

For making you long toned and get the desired upper body strength, yoga uses your bodyweight and makes your muscles elongated. Just give a shot to these 5 yoga poses and feel amazing change in the strength of your arms.

1. Down Dog pushups

Down Dog pushups

This pose is great for building balance and strength in the arm because it works differently. In down dog position, you are pushing the floor away from you in a bid to put more weight into your legs. You can also add a push-up for offering more strength to the arms.

How to do – Come into a dog down position and place your hands slightly in front of the shoulders. Put your palm on the surface and make a sloping position, creating an exact inverted V shape position. Exhale as you bend your elbows out to the side, lowering the head on the mat. Now inhale and hold your breath for at least 30 seconds and straighten your arms.

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2. Chaturanga


Also known as four-limbed staff pose, in Chaturanga position, you will be working with bent arms and this let the engagement much stronger. If you hold this posture for a couple of breaths multiple times a day, then you are truly focusing on your triceps as well as the lower arm muscles.

How to do - Come into a plank position by bringing your chest through your arms and bending your elbows,keeping them in line with your body. Roll forward on your toes and keep your body parallel to the ground with your hips straight.

Make sure your neck is also in line with rest of the body. Stay in this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute. As you exhale, keep yourself down (without touching the ground) until you get into a 90-degree angle stop. Repeat these steps 3-4 times.

3. Dolphin


Dolphin posture which looks like a down dog on the forearms, does not only strengthen arms but also stretches shoulders, chest and calves.This exercise also lays the foundation for headstand exercise.

How to do - Come into a downward dog pose by placing your forearms on the floor and palms flat on the surface. In this posture, your elbows and palm are in one straight line. Now relax your head and keep off the shoulders away from your ears. When exhaling, twist your toes under and lift the knees off the ground, pushing your hips or tailbone towards the sky.

Keep pressing your forearms into the ground with your head in between your arms. Hold on to this position for a minute and then release. To make the challenge tougher, lift each leg for three breaths and repeat it multiple times.

4. Reverse plank or Upward plank

Reverse plank or Upward plank

This posture focuses on building arm strength by stretching the entire front of the body. In addition to stretching the front part of the body, the upward plank also strengthens the shoulders, muscles and spine. This provides long term protection or strength to people who often complain of fragile back and spine.

How to do – It’s pretty simple as you have to end up in a tabletop position. Just start with seated position with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Place your arms slightly behind your hips with your fingers facing towards the heel.

Now as your weight is distributed between your hands and feet, lift your hips off the ground to come into a tabletop position. Make sure your neck is in neutral position. Hold this pose for about 5-10 breaths lower down on exhale.

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5. Peacock Pose

Peacock Pose

Mayurasana or Peacock pose not only strengthens your wrists, hands and elbows but also detoxifies your body and improves digestion. Peacock pose also calms the mind and reduces stress, anxiety and improves coordination.

How to do -Make sure you are doing this stuff with empty stomach. The position basically resembles a peacock when it is roaming around with its wings. Start by sitting on your heels and knees wide apart. Put your hands on the surface and allow your fingers to face towards your body. Make sure your belly and shoulder blades are firm. Now your legs out in a position where your knees are straight and the upper part of the feet pointing towards the floor.

Look forward and lift your legs off the floor. The body must be lifted simultaneously with entire weight on the hands. Hold on to this position for about 10 seconds. Release by dropping your head and feet on the floor. Practicing regularly will let you extend this duration upto 1 minute.

Strong arms are awesome, they help you carry more items, and make you look and feel great. Practice these poses from today and confidently flaunt your arms in sleeveless shirts and off-shoulder dresses.It will surely turn many heads.