Want To Be Successful In Business and Excel In Sports? Choose the Right Type of Meditation

Want To Be Successful In Business and Excel In Sports? Choose the Right Type of Meditation

The age old art never get obsolete and today, countless people are turning towards this practice. We are talking none other than meditation which has magical power on the mind and body of the human being. But normally people don’t know there are different types of it and don’t know which one fits them best. We will discuss this in the below story.

Mindfulness meditation

This has now become the most popular technique in the western world. Mindfulness meditation is all about paying attention to the thought processes passing through your mind. This practice involves and need concentration and awareness of your mind. You don’t have to judge the thoughts and get involved into them, just observe and pass them.

While meditating mindfully, you observe your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. People who don’t want a teacher to teach them can practice this meditation alone in harmony with nature.

Best for - Businessmen who want more clear and positive thinking.

Focused meditation

This type of meditation needs your five senses to work upon. The focus of attention could be anything like your breath, listening to a gong, counting mala beads or staring at a candle. Though this practice appears to be simple but it can be tough for beginners as they would find difficult to hold their focus more than a few minutes. If this happens, come back to the practice and try to refocus.

Best for - As denoted by the name, this practice is best for people who want extra focus in their lifestyle. Professionals working in IT companies and BPOs should make this meditation a part of their lifestyle.

Movement meditation

Movement meditation is often ascribed to yoga but there is more than that. The practice of movement meditation can include things like gardening, walking through the woods or trying other gentle forms of movements.

Best for – Gardeners or people in similar professions who are searching for peace in action and those who wish to let their thoughts wander.

Guided meditation

Also known as imagery or visualization, this type of meditation involves forming a mental picture or a situation that you may find more soothing. Then it needs you to use or focus on as many senses as possible. However, as the name suggests, this process need a guide or teacher.

Best for – Pregnant women and people who want to evoke calmness in relaxing space will find this meditation helpful.

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Transcendental meditation

One of the most popular methods of meditation across the world, transcendental meditation is also the most scientifically studied. In this technique, you need to close your eyes and repeat a series of sound, word or small phrase in a specific manner.

Best for - This meditation is best for athletes, those who want to settle their inward to a more profound state of relaxation with the aim of achieving inner peace without applying concentration.

Yoga Meditation

The practice dates back to the ancient India. There is plethora of varieties, each having their own benefits. Yoga involves controlling the breathing and performing a series of postures meant for encouraging flexibility and strong muscles and making the mind composed. This practice needs proper balancing and fewer distractions towards surrounding things.

Best for - Yoga is best for pregnant women as it prepares their body better for labor and delivery. In short, it is best for those who want both peace of mind and strong body.

Mantra meditation

This type of meditation is especially popular among Buddhist and traditions. You need to use repetitive sound for clearing up the mind irrespective you speak it quietly or loudly. After chanting the mantra, you will find more alertness and come in tune with the surroundings. This helps you achieve deeper level of awareness.

Best for - It is best for people who want to focus more on their word than their breath and can be a good option for those who don’t like silence.

The type of meditation you want to try will also depend on a lot of factors. If you are suffering from some health condition, it might be best to talk to your doctor first before embarking upon meditation. But normally, these practices won’t affect health.


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