Want To Improve Your Posture Quickly? Check Out These Dos And Don’ts

Want To Improve Your Posture Quickly? Check Out These Dos And Don’ts

Growing up our parents have timely reminded us not to slouch or droop while sitting. Sitting, standing and walking with unusual posture not only looks bad but have a major impact on how we feel everyday. Good posture helps you feel confident, increase in energy levels and make you feel better about your body.

So how can we work on improving our posture? Here are some dos and don’ts to follow.


1. Learn how to improve posture

First and foremost thing is to practice yourself for improving your posture. It should be a great start. Teaching and preparing yourself for a task can be one of the hardest jobs, but in terms of improving posture, it is much easier. Stand in front of the mirror and put all your weight on both the feet and stretch your spine. Now relax your neck so that the back side of the neck comes in a long and elegant position. The next step is to roll the shoulders back and down in order to flatten and lift your upper back.

Hold on to this position for a minute and then relax. Repeat this step 5-10 times a day and you will be familiarized to this practice everyday.

2. Exercise

Exercising regularly has a plethora of benefits including the way it can help your joint and muscles to work more efficiently. If you have healthy weight, you have improved posture and exercising is just the right thing you need for this.

There are specific exercises such as backside exercise that involves rowing and pulling as well as require you to pull your shoulder blades down. If you regular gym goer, focus more on pull-ups and go easy on bench exercises. You can also try various yoga exercises and Tai Chi which are some of the most popular exercises to improve poster.

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3. Improve posture through technology

Most of us like using various tech tools to enhance our day to day productivity. In terms of improving posture, there are apps that use your computer camera to keep an eye on your posture. Every time you droop, you will get warning from the app.

Besides, there are magnetic devices that you can wear on your chest and whenever you begin to slouch, the vibration will alert you instantly. You can also keep a record of how often you slouch in a day via Android or iPhone app.


1. Avoid wearing wrong shoes

Thick-soled shoes and high heels are some of the terrible choices when it comes to good posture. Wearing the right kind of shoe can improve your alignment to a large extent. Our feet and the shoes act as a foundation for better body alignment. You must have noticed this yourself that whenever one of the joints get out of balance, other joints are also affected, resulting in unnecessary pressure on the spine.

There are various toning shoes and sandals available that feature soft rubber sole with special components designed to produce natural stability.

2. Avoid soft couches

Your couch should be comfortable but not too much that which swallows you. If your couch is soft, use seat wedges and support pillows. The major job of these tools is to provide extra support to the spinal curves while seated. These tools also reduce the posture stress. Lumbar support cushions are also an excellent way of soothing your back pain.

3. Avoid wearing unsuitable shirts and bra

Clothing can affect your posture right to some extent. Wearing improper bra can cause backache and early drooping. Buy some Sports Bras that help you relieve muscle strain occurring due to poor alignment.

Similarly, there are posture improvement shirts available for men. These shirts contain elastic bands and special stitching to help maintain the upright posture by compressing muscles.

You can also call a physical therapist who is expert in dealing with these things. So whichever method you are working on, in a span of few months you will notice a great change in your posture. It takes only 5-10 minutes out of your day and you will feel confident and spirited all throughout the day and as a result, boost your overall well-being.