Weight Loss in Women - The Do’s and Don’ts

Weight Loss in Women - The Do’s and Don’ts

Weight loss has been one of the most challenging things of today’s generation. Especially, when it comes to weight loss of women, the challenge becomes a little difficult. Relatively, a woman has different weight loss needs than a man.

Challenges of woman and why she wants to lose weight

Women usually face challenges of weight loss during their 20s and 30s. It’s because this is the time most of the women graduate from college, progress in career, tie the knot and have children and act as a housewife.

Another psychology of woman that makes them anxious about weight loss is that they are overly conscious about their dress size and looks. These major changes throughout her life can make her gain weight and lose with difficulty.

So what should a woman do in order to overcome weight loss challenges? Here are some do’ and don’ts that should help.

Pay attention to minute changes in diet

So the basic question is how much daily calorie intake for a young woman? According to a study by Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), a woman just needs to increase 370 calories per day to move from a normal BMI (Body Mass Index) of 23 to the BMI of 29 during the course of 28 years. 

For instance, about 30 grams of sweetened beverage along with 1 minute of daily walking can create a huge difference, if done consistently.

Get Good Sleep

Sleep duration changes across the lifetime. When you are young, getting less sleep would be enough but as you grow, you need more sleep to function properly in your day to day life. After getting married and having children, you may not have many choices. 

So if you are trying to shed some kilos, especially in your 20s and 30s, you must get enough sleep. Researchers say we can make better food choices with good sleep. So it’s good if you are staying away from junk food but add enough sleep to it in order to lose weight more effectively.

Don’t lose muscle mass

It’s a universal fact that woman has less muscle than man, as they are genetically different. This also allows men to have more calories intake as they have less fat, so they have a natural advantage. But that does not mean a woman cannot build or maintain muscle mass. 

All a woman need is to stay away from fad diets and avoid certain exercise plans such as long duration cardio workouts that promote muscle loss. Instead, doing strength training will not only builds up muscle but also strengthen your bones.

Change your attitude

It just needs a strong willpower and trust in yourself to ward off that weight loss obsession. If you think that achieving your goal is the end of your weight loss effort then the changes you are looking for might lost. 

On the contrary, if someone views herself as fat or unworthy of liking, she will act according to that notion and could undo the progress in no time.

If a woman learns to understand the unique requirements of their bodies, there will be no difficulty in achieving the natural weight loss target they had in their plan. So start following healthy guidelines today and see the results.