What Are The Symptoms Of Stress In Men And How To Cure It?

What Are The Symptoms Of Stress In Men And How To Cure It?

You would probably think that you can handle the everyday stress pretty well whether your boss is pressurizing you and making you feel uneasy in the office, scuffle with wife at home or studies, etc. But are these true? 

According to a health survey by ICICI Lombard General Insurance on the occasion of World Heart Day recently, more than 80 percent of the male Indian population are found to be living under some kind of stress.

Men and women brain works differently. Men most of the time are not that great in recognizing stress symptoms and it also vary from person to person. Stress means different to different people. What causes stress in one person might not be the case with other. 

Stress is an individual experience but the signs should not be ignored. Broadly, it can be divided into four categories.

Physical symptoms

These kinds of symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, fatigue, increased or decreased sex drive, headache, muscle pain, constipation or diarrhea, perspiration, teeth grinding, unexplained weight loss, etc. 

As apparent, physical symptoms of stress can also indicate signs of another disease. Hence, if you ever experience multiples signs from these, visit the doctor for correct diagnosis.

Emotional symptoms

Emotional symptoms occur when a person feel easily frustrated, agitated and becomes moody instantly. It makes feeling overwhelmed like you are losing control of yourself. It may also lead to difficulty in concentration, relaxing your mind. 

Emotional symptoms also make a man feel socially unacceptable and worthless and he may keep avoiding people.

Behavioural symptoms

They include a change in appetite, procrastination, increased used of smoking, alcohol or drugs and exhibiting behaviors such as nail biting and pacing.

Cognitive symptoms

This may land you up in constant worrying mode, inability to focus, being pessimistic and lack of memory.

How can men treat stress?

‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ is a cliché because it’s damn true. So the first and foremost method to treat the stress is to talk and share what you feel. Usually, men do not like admitting or come clean on their thoughts and so they do not consult a doctor, simple as it is. 

This is one of the strong reasons women live longer than man and it’s nothing to do with biology, says Terrence Real, MSW, a psychotherapist in Newton, Mass.

Secondly, connected life is a key to reduce stress. Live like an extrovert and perform physical exercise daily.
At the end of the day, take a good nap. Just these three things will make a huge difference in your life.

Symptoms of stress in men if goes unchecked can lead to a number of serious illness such as depression, that is itself the biggest contributor to heart attack, diabetes and nervous disorders. If you are unsure what is happening to you, go and consult with a good mental health practitioner. You will surely find solace in your life.


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