What Factors Determine Calories Burned On A Treadmill

What Factors Determine Calories Burned On A Treadmill

Cardiovascular exercises are a must for people who want to burn calories. Weight loss is one of the major concerns today especially of the youth to keep in line with the everyday lifestyle. To keep off the hustle and bustle and due to lack of time, most of us primarily use treadmill fitness equipment to burn calories and stay fit.

Why have treadmills become so important?

Most people find exercising at the comfort of their homes and treadmills is one of the best equipment for that. Treadmills provide a range of workouts and allow the setting pace to suit the level of fitness. By doing this, people can burn a lot of calories in a shorter period of time.

What factors determine how many calories burned?

The accuracy of calories burned depends on several factors. Here are some of the important factors with respect to how many calories we burn on a treadmill.


First and foremost is the weight. Moving your body mass on a treadmill will determine how much calories you will burn on a treadmill. The more the weight, the more time you spent on the equipment and more calories you burn.


Setting the right pace on the treadmill is very important. The speed of the equipment should be fast enough to make your heart racing.

Secondly, the speed you set should let you talk while running without gasping. For newcomers, beginning at a slow pace is recommended.

Walking on a treadmill at 3 mph can burn 73 calories in 20 minutes while running for 20 minutes at 6 mph can burn 229 calories.

Length of treadmill stride

Shorter stride will let you pick up and down your feet more quickly, which in turns burns more calories.

Intense Interval training

According to American Council of Exercise, interval training is one of the best methods of burning calories efficiently. It combines both aerobic and anaerobic energy methods.

It is all about short bursts of intense exercise followed by a short recovery period. Intervals might involve 5 minutes of running with 2 minutes of walking. The intensity and duration can be altered according to the fitness level.


Walking or running uphill or at inclination will need extra exertion. Running at an inclined position on a treadmill helps build strength in the lower part of the body because of greater resistance. For instance, walking on an incline of 10 percent can burn 166 calories in 20 minutes.

Holding handrails

This bad habit can reduce the good effects of workout. Holding handrails while walking or running can reduce calories burned, ruins posture and body alignment, imbalance and reduces the effect of incline.

Other factors 

Calorie burning can be different for everyone.

  • The height, weight and gender all play important role in determining how many calories you would burn on a treadmill. A person with 83 kgs of weight would burn more calories than a 56 kg individual.
  • Additionally, the intensity of exercise would directly affect the amount of calories we burn per session.
  • Motorized treadmills and normal treadmills will make difference in calorie burn.
  • How recently you ate
  • What you were wearing during the workout
  • The air temperature and even your mood
  • Calibration of treadmill calorie counters

Bottom Line

Calorie counting include so many variables no matter how precise is your treadmill, it will show the best of approximation. So determining accuracy is a relative concept but we should try our best to make work all the factors in our favour for getting the best results.