What Is Pilates Exercising - The Basics

What Is Pilates Exercising - The Basics

Most of the fitness fanatics have heard about the wonderful exercise called Pilates. But many beginners aren’t aware of this form of exercising which has become very popular in today’s age. If you have planned to head to the gym, you must know about pilates exercising and its basics.


  • Pilates is a form of exercising that focuses on core strength and stability
  • It is becoming more and more popular in the 21st century with people of every age adopting this exercise
  • Pilates is basically performed on mat but there are also other tools available for the purpose


Pilates is a method of exercising that focuses on low impact flexibility, core muscular strength and endurance movements. This form of exercise was created by German-born Joseph Pilates, who developed pilates in 1920s.

Pilates routine includes exercises that promote core strength and stability, muscular control, proper posture and movement patterns.

Who can do Pilates exercising?

Once it was considered an exercise for only red carpet celebrities but now it has been adopted by people of almost every age and gender. Right from the beginners to professional dancers, athletes, pregnant women, and seniors everyone is now joining the movement.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Today it seems like everyone is interested in Pilates as it works so well for a wide range of people. The top benefits of pilates exercising is that it creates a strong core, improve relaxation, athletic performance, better posture and alignment, better stamina and improved breathing.

Pilates is an Adaptable Method

Who doesn’t want modifications, especially when it comes to exercising? The success of Pilates among the variety of population is that all exercises are developed with modifications in terms of load for strength gain, body positioning, and range of movement. This makes workout safe as well as challenging for the person.

Pilates Equals to Core Strength

Pilates exercise is built upon the basis of core strength. Core muscles in this exercise relate to deep internal muscles of abdomen and back. Pilates exercise wants that the core muscles of the individuals should become strong enough to work with the outward muscles of the trunk, in order to support spine and movement.

If the core strength is developed, it provides stability to the entire trunk or torso of the body. This is one of the reasons why patients with back pain do Pilates. As the trunk become stable, the back pain gets relief and the body moves freely and efficiently.

The 6 Pilates Principles

These six pilates principles help people familiarize with the concept.

  • Centering - Physically brings focus to the center of the body
  • Concentration - The more the mind and body are aware, the more benefits you gain
  • Control - The key to performing exercise is to control rather focusing on intensity and repetition
  • Breathing - Controlling the breath with deep exhalation helps activate muscles and keep you focused
  • Precision Appropriate placement and alignment of each part of the body to the other is crucial
  • Flow - Each move should be graceful and smooth connecting all body parts. This gives a sense of flowing energy

Why is Pilates unique way of exercising?

That brings us to the question that what makes Pilates stand out from the crowd? As Pilates is based on body awareness and foundation of movement principles, this not only ensures strength, but also safety and healing for your body.

All moves are performed with total body control. In short, it is a total body workout solution, unlike weightlifting, running and swimming which are limited to arms and legs.

Pilates Equipment

Though you will find plenty of equipment in the market, the most basic equipment of Pilates workout is mat. This is a special mat built for this purpose. Other equipment include fitness balls, pilate rings, resistance bands, pilates DVD, etc. each has its own benefits but works on the same principle of mind and body awareness.

Pilates has become one of the most popular workout routines and growing at a rapid pace. Though the exercise is simple but still manages to give a lot of rewards in the end.