What Role Female Orgasm Play In Getting Pregnant? Does It Increase The Chances?

What Role Female Orgasm Play In Getting Pregnant? Does It Increase The Chances?

You have now thrown off the birth control pills and ditched the condom as you have planned to get pregnant. Some people love to be energetic in the bed but some may get mechanical and perform mundane sex without having any room for foreplay. This kind of sex lacking excitement is often performed by older adults and people who are especially struggling for having children for quite some time.

So ladies, if you are one of those, then you may think that your sex life is losing spark, resulting in loss of orgasm. But you might not know that the lack of orgasm might be an important factor that is preventing you from getting pregnant.

What is female orgasm?

Orgasm is different in both male and female and typically an enjoyable release of energy and stress. In women too, orgasm can vary from person to person and it sometimes hard to describe. Some define it as little blips of pleasure or a small sigh, some other define orgasm as sensation in the clitoris.

Some women also feel rhythmic contractions in the pelvic muscles, vagina and the uterus. Although it’s good to have orgasm, many women still feel satisfied if they don’t orgasm as long as sexual intimacy is there.

What is the purpose of female orgasm?

Without an iota of doubt, male orgasm is an essential criterion for conception; with some exception (man can also release sperm without ejaculation). The orgasm let the ejaculation occur and sperm reach its destination of fertilization. The male orgasm has never been hard to understand as it has an unquestionable role in reproduction.

However, female orgasm is not necessary for conception. So if female orgasm is not connected to conception then what’s the purpose of it other than being a fun time? There are several theories behind it one of them is that female orgasm is an evolutionary tool. In earlier humans, female orgasm used to trigger ovulation. This thing still works in mammals such as cats, if they don’t have sex, they don’t ovulate.

As the human being evolved, the process of ovulation started occurring regularly, without sexual stimulation. Some other theory suggests that female orgasm is an evolutionary byproduct just like men have nipples similar to women, but it has no purpose.

Female orgasm and pregnancy

There are basically two main hypotheses regarding the connection between female orgasm and pregnancy.

Poleaxe theory

According to this theory, the main purpose of female orgasm is to induce the feeling of relaxation and sleepiness. This makes her lie down after sex and let the sperm travel to their destination comfortably. However, this theory has conflicting opinions where one group say it does help sperm retention, other say lying horizontally does not matter.

Upsuck theory

This is a popular theory amongst experts. According to this theory, uterine contractions assist or suck up the ejaculated semen into the reproductive tract and increase the chances of fertilization. The female orgasm then pushes the sperm through the uterus and into the fallopian tubes.

And surprisingly, one study measured the volume of semen (liquid that contains sperm) that leaks out after sex. They found that during female orgasm, which occurred before male ejaculation, the retention of sperm was much greater. This study, however, was not done to check pregnancy rates.

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Can female orgasm boost male fertility?

Sex with foreplay and excitement has various benefits. One of them is that high level of sexual arousal before male ejaculation could increase sperm count, as per some studies. If a man takes time to arouse a woman, it might improve parameters of semen.

Experts were amazed at the possible organic purpose of cunnilingus (oral stimulation of vulva) serves in reproduction. The importance of oral sex can be seen in the fact that animals also perform oral sex which most of us might think, is nothing related to reproduction. But researchers found that cunnilingus have actually increased the semen volume during later sex.

Bottom Line

The role of orgasm in terms of female fertility is still debatable. While it may or may not increase the odds of getting pregnant, orgasm is a wonderful stress buster, a natural lubrication for vagina which can make those moments a fun and pleasurable experience.

Moreover, if your desire for having a baby has subdued the desire for orgasm, you might feel pressured. This could result in having difficulty reaching the orgasm as well as adding to stress which may affect your fertility in the long run.

So, avoid going into that baby-making sex and enjoy the most intimate moments with your partner. No matter whether you are not orgasming or not, connecting each other in a loving way is what matters the most.