What to Expect In Early Stages of IVF Pregnancy

What to Expect In Early Stages of IVF Pregnancy

So you are super excited on completing your heart wrenching and budget destroying IVF cycle or perhaps you have already visited the clinic and found that you are indeed pregnant. IVF can be very stressful followed by various stages once the egg implantation has taken place. 

This can be time-consuming and drain you out during the whole process. So if you are wondering what to expect in your pregnancy, here are some few things you will be facing.

Happiness and Nervousness

No doubt it’s a wonderful and blissful time for couples, after all, they are about to be parents, but at the same time, it comes with a sort of nervousness. They think that something would happen along the way since many of them must have been doing IVF treatment for a while now and achieving a successful pregnancy after multiple attempts is something to cheer about. 

On the other hand, being nervous is completely normal. There are women who faced miscarriages without IVF. However, don’t be tensed from dawn to dusk, talk to your family, spent some quality time with friends and most important, talk to a counselor.

Progesterone Support

When your doctor confirms successful pregnancy, you might be ordered to take progesterone hormone support, maybe for some time or for throughout your pregnancy. For those who are taking progesterone through injections, they may also want to adopt other alternatives such as vaginal gel or suppositories. Your doctor will help you out in this.

Blood Test Monitoring

There will be continued monitoring of your hormone levels by your doctor to check if everything is working fine. For this, you will be going through blood tests. The monitoring will last for at least a couple of weeks or sometimes more, depending on the condition. 

The doctor checks HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) progesterone and estrogen levels in order to ensure healthy pregnancy or to look out if there are multiple pregnancies.  

Ultrasound Check-Ups

Before you can be released to your regular obstetrician or gynecologist, your fertility doctor would likely be conducting one or more ultrasound tests to ensure everything is up and smooth. You would also have a chance of hearing your baby’s heartbeat, depending on when the specialist orders the ultrasound.

There are also chances of getting ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) during fertility medication. OHSS is a medical condition that affects ovaries of a woman during fertility treatment. If unfortunately, you happen to develop OVHH during the treatment, it would be mild but severe in rare cases. Let her know if there are worsening symptoms.

Recommendation to regular Obstetrician

After all the stages, your fertility specialist will finally recommend you to meet a regular obstetrician who will guide you through the rest of the pregnancy. It will happen after 2 months of your pregnancy. You might be excited to see the normal doctor and free from the hassles of IVF cycles but you may also feel nervous as you have to go through 7 months long journey to get the first glimpse of your new-born baby.

So feeling nervous is completely normal. It’s time for you to enjoy every moment of it. So relax and hope for good.